Monday, July 21, 2014

IWTN Entry 2: Ninja Baby Charmed, PB Humor

Word Count:   440
Genre:   PB Humor


Big brother and Ninja Baby have come to an understanding. Ninja Baby knows he was not the first ninja in the family. He knows he must pay careful attention to everything his big brother is teaching him. He must not let himself be distracted. True ninjas have focus! Big brother is guiding him down an enlightened path of backwards, triple-thrust jump-kicks and sneaky-salamander squiqqles…until that cute girl baby shows up at the door with her cookies and beeping toys! Good thing Ninja Baby and big brother have their own cookies this time. But when girl baby babbles three words that should never be uttered, big brother must pull out all the stops to keep Ninja Baby safe. Because after all, that’s what NinjaBrothers are for.

 First 50:

“Good morning, Ninja Baby!”

“Guess what? It’s Saturday! I’m clearing my calendar for you, Ninja Baby. It’s all about you and me and stealthy ninjamoves, today!”

The slobbery, three-finger, high five.  This is Ninja Baby’s way of saying thank you.

“You’re welcome, Ninja Baby.”

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