Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PBParty 23: Mina and the Monsoons, Multicultural

Title: Mina and the Monsoons
Genre: Multicultural 
Word Count: 722


Dear Michelle and Sharon,

I would like to submit my children’s picture book story Mina and the Monsoons for you to consider for the #PBParty contest.

Mina and the Monsoons is a story about following your passion. Mina loves to play soccer. Nothing comes close to it. So when the monsoons arrive one day, Mina can’t help feeling sad and bored, stuck indoors. Her mother doesn’t understand; the doodwalla doesn’t understand. That’s when Mina decides it’s game on. She’ll chase away the clouds herself!

Daughter of an Indian-Chinese couple, I was always eager to leave my rainy birth place in England. After receiving my education at King’s College in London (studying French, politics and philosophy) and at the Sorbonne in Paris (studying political science), I left for the steamy shores of Hong Kong. There, I worked in both print and broadcast journalism and traveled throughout Asia. A windsurfing trip to the Hawaiian Islands changed my life, and Maui became my home in 1996. I now live on Maui’s north shore with my husband and two children.

The different Asian cultures are an endless source of inspiration for me. Sharing stories about them, whether it’s about their people, customs, or food, is my favorite pastime and brings me immense pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading Mina and the Monsoons.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

First 50 Words:

     Mina loved watching the peacocks prance past the mango trees every day. Their turquoise feathers shimmered in the sun. But when she heard their piercing cries this morning, sadness came over her. The cries told the villagers of the coming monsoons. Cool breezes from the Indian Ocean swept across the hot, dry land. 


  1. I'd like to see this! Please send the manuscript and query to cheschke[at]mcintoshandotis [dot]com