Saturday, March 10, 2012

Treasure Hunt

So Moonshade, fellow fantasy writer, has tagged me to take part in the celebration of Joy Alton’s full year of blogging at Yesternight’s Voyage. Joy is a real treasure, and the best moderator for writers around. I’ll do my best.

The rules are as follows:
1) Answer the questions on your own blog.
2) Tag three other speculative fiction blog writers to participate.
3) Each participant needs to link their blogpost with their answers back to
Yesternight's Voyage.
4) Leave a comment in
the original post (on Yesternight's Voyage) as to why you love, write, or read speculative fiction and a link to your blog.
5) Stay tuned to
Yesternight's Voyage this month for a mad treasure hunt (later on) that will connect all the participating blogs.
6) Make sure you post these rules on your blog when participating.
7) Please note that the blogging part of the treasure hunt will only run between March 6th - 19th. So have your answers posted by then. If you are posting your answers on the 18th or 19th, don't worry about tagging anyone new.

1) Who are your favorite speculative fiction writers?

My favorite writers would have to be Brandon Sanderson, Kristen Britain, and Robert Jordan.

2) Write a two or three sentence writing prompt to inspire your readers today. (Encourage them to post their responses in your comments section.)

Writing prompt, hmmm? Imagine you were dumped in a world occupied by only five year olds with you the lone adult. What would a day be like and what would you have for lunch?

3) List three favorite industry blogs/websites that you've found helpful.

Pub Rants- lots of useful stuff

AQC- lots of fun people

Bookends- a great place to ask questions of an agent and get quick answers

4) Give us the low-down on your main character (or one of your main characters) in the story you're working on right now, regardless if it's finished or not. Describe his/her personality, situation, and what his/her biggest problem/obstacle is.

Little Bit is a shy, humble sort of girl. She’s in love without knowing it. Adventure is not really something she wants, but she gets it anyway. She is trying to find out the truth about herself and discovers her very life is a lie. The supernova of a nearby star wiped Earth’s ozone from the atmosphere. Now the sun’s radiation hits the planet unfiltered, bringing death to those who survived. Little Bit must venture out into this nightmare to get her answers.

5) What are your favorite speculative fiction movies from the last five years?

It’s so hard to think of favorite movies. I’m looking forward to seeing the Hunger Games soon. Tangled is a favorite I can watch again and again. All the Lord of the Rings from ages ago. The last Harry Potter, I think that was less than a year ago.

6) If you were suddenly thrown into another world where magic existed, what is something from the real world you'd want to take with you? (Limitations apply on energy sources and such.)

A hairbrush and contact lenses! Is that odd?

7) List the first type of these things you think of:
a) color: blue
b) number: 9
c) made-up name: Becky
d) an adjective: pussy-pants

That wasn’t too hard. Now to tag three people. Everyone is already tagged, plus no one reads my blog. Let’s see. Carla R. in hopes she will start a blog. Angie S. in hopes she hasn’t been tagged already. Brandon Sanderson in hopes he will ask to read my work. HeHe!

I look forward to the treasure hunt.


  1. Pussy-pants?! LOL!

    A world full of 5-year-olds: we'd definitely be eating something messy and full of sugar. I'm going to have fun with that one. Good prompt!

  2. That is a scary, scary prompt! Children and I do not mix. Here goes...

    "No, don't bite the doorknobs! That's incredibly insanitary - what do you think you're - stop that. Get back here. Now."


    Exhausted, I slumped into a chair. I'd never had to deal with more than one child at a time. But in this godforsaken place, an army of five-year-olds stormed the streets, making more noise than I could handle and causing themselves random injuries.

    Which would've been totally fine, if they hadn't invaded the apartment I'd locked myself into.

    Six five-year-olds in the same room. Kill me, please.

    Dammit, dammit, I should've been more wary of that old woman when she said, "Bad things come to those who are impatient with the young." I shouldn't have rolled my eyes and said, "Whatever." I should've at least pretended to be repentant.

    Two small and grubby hands yanked at my jeans. I didn't even bother to protest. Instead, I pulled a chocolate bar from my pocket and took an enormous bite, sinking deep into the comfortable chair cushions, trying to ignore the omnipresent screaming.

    Two large brown eyes gazed up at me. "Is that a chocolate bar?"

    "Yes," I snapped. "And it's my lunch, so hands off."

    The kid's lips quivered. "I'm so hungry."

    We stared at each other for a long second.

    Finally, I shook my head and handed her the chocolate. "This is really bad parenting."

    "It's okay. You're not my mommy." She smiled and took a huge bite. "Thank you."

    And strangely, I felt a smile crack my own lips.

    Character description time!

    BECKY is the main character of a chapter book. She's a no-nonsense type of 9-year-old, unafraid to tell the tallest boy in the 4th grade class what she thinks of his stupid striped shirts. But when she insults a teenage witch wearing a hideous blue dress, Becky is turned into a yellow-bellied coward (...a "pussy-pants", according to the witch, only Becky doesn't know what that means). Now she has to deal with newfound fears, from bees to monkey bars to the fact that the boy in the striped shirts supposedly likes her. Like-likes her. Gross.

    Becky is short, with straw-blond hair tied into pigtails and a round freckled face. She is whip-smart and laughs a lot, and she gets into a lot of trouble with her best friend Hope, who is also brutally honest.

    That's it for me! Yay! Fun.

  3. OMG, Riley. Becky and Hope were actually my two best friends from grade school! Wow!

    Very funny writing prompt and you rounded out to be touching. Chocolate would be my choice for lunch.

  4. HAHaha that is the weirdest coincidence!!! I promise I didn't stalk you or anything!

    wow, so bizarre, sheesh. XD