Monday, October 8, 2018

Cat Shifters of Aaidar

Can an alien shifter and a human find a way to be together on a planet torn apart by war?

Guns, fangs and claws for hire, Herc's the alpha of a big cat shifter mercenary team, fighting for the Regime. When nurse Maya tends his wounds, her touch on his near-naked body triggers the first phase of an impossible bondmate.

There's no way in all seven hells Herc will bond with a puny human--despite her alluring curves and feisty attitude. He's not going to kiss her, so bond two, the meshing of their hearts, will never happen. And sex is totally off the table - or the bed, or any other damned place. So bond three, the irrevocable joining of their souls, isn't a long as he never sees her again.

A Resistance fighter, Maya infiltrated the Regime to save her captured sister. Her slash-and-burn plan doesn't include bonding with a sexy mercenary shifter who's hunting her people into extinction. But when her secret identity's revealed, she flees into the desert with Regime soldiers--and a determined Herc--hot on her heels.

If he catches Maya, Herc faces a lifetime on the run from the Regime. But giving in to her heart's desire will bond Maya to her enemy.

CAT SHIFTERS OF AAIDAR: ESCAPE is book one in a four-book series. Look for book 2, ENGAGE, coming October 12, ENSNARE in December, and ENDINGS, in January 2020.

Laney Kaye & Christina Wilder co-write steamy shifter romance featuring alpha men and kick-ass women who find their happily-ever-after on distant, alien worlds. 

Look for upcoming titles released individually, including:

MY BIG FAT GREEK ROMANCE, Legally Blonde meets Gladiator in a humorous time travel romance set in ancient Pompeii, November, 2018, by Christina Wilder

THE LURE OF THE MER, by Laney Kaye, coming Spring '19 from The Wild Rose Press

Friday, October 5, 2018

Announcing Fall Fiction Fest

Who is ready for something new this fall? This year because of the many changes in the contest world, we have had to rethink Nightmare On Query Street and Sun versus Snow. As we didn't want to let these amazing contests (who have many years of success) go, Michelle Hauck, Marty Mayberry, and Amy Trueblood have come with a brand new fall contest called, FALL FICTION FEST!

Like past contests, this will be a query plus first 250 words event. We will open a contest window for twenty-four hours and accept entries that meet the contest requirements and guidelines. Once all entries have been received, Michelle, Marty, and Amy will review the entries and make ten selections each. After these thirty selections are announced, the writers will be paired with seasoned mentors who will help them polish their materials for the agent round. Currently there are ten agents on board with hopefully more committing soon!

The agent round will be open for a full three days and will allow the participating agents to travel between our three blogs and make requests based on what they represent. To keep a bit of fun (and tradition) in the contest, we will continue having the agents request in a fall-flavored way. Like "Add an extra marshmallow to my hot cocoa and send me the full!" 

As always once the agent request period is over, we will direct the participants on how to send in their requested materials.

Now for the guidelines and rules…

1) Entries can be Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, or Middle Grade. All genres (excluding erotica)
2) Entries must be for a completed and polished manuscript (please check word count guidelines to make sure your entry qualifies!)

Some great online posts to check out:

3) The entry cannot have been part of an agent round in a contest for the last three months. This does not include twitter pitch events. 

Important dates:

October 31: Submission window opens (will be open for 24 hours)
November 19: Selected 30 entries announced
November 20- 25: Mentors work with entries
November 26-28: Agent round

As we get closer to the submission window on October 31, we will post full details on submission guidelines and entry rules. Follow along at #FallFest.