Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fall Fiction Fest Bonus!

So Amy, Marty and I are strong believers in voting. Now more than ever, we think everyone should educate themselves on the issues important to you. And it's all our duties to let our voices be heard by voting!

No matter whether you stand on the left or right. Voting is crucial to our democracy. 

We want to encourage that to happen. And here we have a contest going and the means to provide some incentive. 

To that end, Amy, Marty and I are willing to add an extra pick to our finalists. That's right! Instead of ten each, we'll each pick 11 entries to get a mentor and go before the agents! All we need is proof that you care about voting too.

So on November 6, tweet at us with pictures of your voting journey. It can be you and your I voted sticker. You in the car on your way to the polls or driving others. You with yard signs. You putting your absentee ballot in the mail. An image of the line you had to wait in. You pushing your adult kids and husband/wife into the voting booth--just kidding--I don't think pictures are allowed inside polling places. We don't want you breaking the laws.

Please don't share who you voted for. That's private. Yes we have opinions, but we are not trying to influence you. And we don't want that as part of the contest. We just want you to vote. The rest of that decision is up to you.  

To sum up: Share some kind of photo proof that you filled out a ballot or pulled a lever. Don't forget to include #FallFest in your tweet and send it out on November 6th. 

If we get over 100 of these, then we will add the extra three picks. And to add extra incentive, I want my eleventh pick to come from among the writers who participated. I'll be looking exclusively among the people who tweeted that they voted to find my last pick. 

So get registered if there's still time in your state. 

If you're from another country or too young, or not allowed to vote, we haven't forgotten you. Encourage others to vote on the #FallFest hashtag and that will count! Say why you think voting is important.

Hopefully our efforts will go viral and move more than just writers. And if we get over 200 responses, Marty, Amy and I will be convinced to move our numbers to 12 picks each! 

Mark your calendars! Let's vote! 

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  1. Yay! Thanks for this encouragement to vote. I don't need encouragement this election, but if you help just one voter to go forth, then you are even more amazing than when you are *merely* helping us writers!