Monday, May 29, 2017

Query Kombat Round 1 Matchups

The big reveal is done as to who was on our Query Kombat teams - now it's time to find out who the Kombatants will be going up against in the first round! The first round will start on Friday at 8:00 am and the match-ups will span all our blogs.

Child and Family Services vs Stands By Until He Doesn't
The Nose Knows vs. The Lake of Haunted Memories
Bounty and the Beast vs. The Marizpan Pizza
Men Aren't Dying vs. Super Powers and Problems
Mother of All Custody Battles vs. Muslim Girl to the Rescue
Boy Band Ninja Assassins vs. Girl Takes Back the White House
There is Stardust in My Eyes vs. Hero By Default
Girls Can Be Princes, Too vs. Kaza
When Bugbots Attack vs. Alabama Witch Hunters
Fibs Taste Cruddy vs. Super Space Nerd

TB Ruined My Day vs. The Barringer Museum
The Half-Orphan's Handbook vs. Quaker Rain Forest
She's Fast, He's Furious vs. Beards
Cheshire 💜s Alice vs. I Kissed My Step-Nephew
Ooh, Crown Molding vs. Alternative Facts
This Selkie Can't Swim vs. She's Better than 4:20
We Kinda Destroyed Paris vs. Feeling Fictional
Bust the Bubble Wrap vs. Putt-Putt Pro
Books Boys Gone Wild vs. Mars Bars and Snickers
Dogs and Chicken and Dragons, Oh My! vs. Wolf in Witch Clothing
Perfectly Imperfect Princess vs. Monsters are Real

Boomerang vs. Three Men and an Actuary
Moving On Is Never Easy vs. I Fell For a Convicted Felon
Pitt Bull Seeks Custody vs. From Gutters to Galleries
Switcher vs. Grocery Store Zombies
Aliens, Catapults, Car Chases vs. Asteroid Snacks
Talking Sword FTW vs Life as a Dumpster Fire
My Dad Bought Me This Tattoo vs. Nowhere Land
Rye'd or Pie vs Estella + Ayron
Worth vs. Delicious Vicious Cycles
Evil Spirit Goes AWOL vs. Girl of Your Nightmares
Golden Geezers vs. Be Grateful for Cookies

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