Wednesday, June 7, 2017

QK Agent Round 8: Dogs and Chickens and Dragons, Oh My!, MG Contemporary Fantasy

Title: Flecka Wivern and Her Two Pet Dragons
Entry Nickname: Dogs and Chickens and Dragons, Oh My!
Word Count: 43,000
Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary Fantasy


Twelve-year-old Flecka Wivern is happy living a secret life as a Magical in rural Pennsylvania, even though her closest friends (besides her non-magical classmate Darrell, of course) are her five chickens, one dog, and two pet dragons. Everything changes, however, when wicked little creatures from Vitterdam--the realm where her family’s Magical ancestors once lived--open a portal to Earth and kidnap her five-year-old brother Felix.
Flecka doesn’t know why anyone would want her smelly and loud little brother, but she doesn’t care--he’s her smelly and loud little brother. Now Flecka, with the help of Darrell and her dragons, must face magicked monsters and school bullies to reopen the portal and save Felix.

But once they open the portal, their true adventure begins: the wicked little creatures who kidnapped Felix work for an evil sorcerer who wants to take over Vitterdam, and who mysteriously believes Felix will help him do so. Flecka, Darrell, and her two dragons must use all the magical and non-magical tricks they have to not only save Felix, but also to save Vitterdam from the evil sorcerer’s clutches.
First 250 words:

Flecka didn't want to do her morning chores. But she had begged her mom for the chickens, and her mom had agreed provided Flecka take care of them.
"Your chickens, your responsibility," her mom had said, talking over the din of Felix crashing his toy trucks into the coffee table. "And if you get them to the point where their eggs hatch, then those are your responsibility too."
Flecka had agreed at the time; she had been eleven years old, and she loved chickens almost as much as she loved dragons.
But now she was twelve, and her love for both was flagging this muddy morning, which also happened to be the first day of fall. Which also happened to be Vitterdam Day.
Her sneakers slurped through the mucky ground as she tromped to the chicken coop to let her flock out on the wet grass. She was glad it was so damp; wet grass meant she would have to put out fewer fires. Wet grass meant she would have fewer chores to do.
The smell of straw and droppings welcomed her as she opened the squeaky wooden door to the coop. She wrinkled her nose while she did a headcount of her flock: five purple and pink-feathered hens and two rainbow-scaled and red-horned dragons.

"Come on," she coaxed as she held the coop door open. "I'm not going to wait forever. Now shoo!"
Her chickens clucked and trotted out, startled by Flecka's cry. Her dragons, however, did little more than give Flecka bored serpentine stares.


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