Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Pitchwars Feedback Opportunity

I'm going to open up to give Pitchwars feedback on twitter on Wednesday, August 30th, starting at 3:00 pm Eastern time. (@Michelle4Laughs) I'll leave the opportunity open until 7:00 pm Eastern. You must have subbed to me. You must ask first and include your manuscript title to me on twitter so I can find your entry. 

Please no emails, DMs, or Facebook messages.

I'll answer back with a few words of feedback based on the tags I put on each entry while reading my slush. Tags include things like word count problems, can't get close to characters, lacks emotion, generic stakes and plot and so forth.  

It will be public and it won't be that detailed, but I can't do much more when I got over 200 entries. So if you want to know what I thought, ask on twitter and don't forget to include your title.

Remember my thoughts are subjective. Just one person's impression.    

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