Monday, October 30, 2017

NoQS Minion 4: Finder's Genesis, Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Genre: Adult Contemporary Fantasy
Word Count: 98,000

My MC and MA (main antagonist) are dressed as:
Scarlett doesn’t do costume parties. But here she is, the chump carrying a lampshade under her arm. She was wearing it until she tripped over a crack in the sidewalk, so carrying it will have to be good enough. Being a lamp is lame, but it’s better than her original plan of coming straight from work as a dry cleaner’s employee. She pushes through the crowd to the food table. A redhead is already there, and he’s holding a lampshade too. “Want to light up my life?” he asks, and Scarlett groans. She knew this party was a bad idea.


Scarlett and her boyfriend Oz traveled back in time and made a change that wrecked the future.

Except they didn’t. At least not yet.

Alex sees the future, and he knew what was coming. Before Scarlett met her future boyfriend, Alex was there, interfering in her life to keep them apart.

But Scarlett doesn’t know any of that. She has her own problems: she’s broke, her sky-high medical bills are going to ruin her, and she’s on the verge of quitting school and going home a failure. When a stranger named Alex offers to pay off her debt in exchange for a marriage of convenience, she accepts. Sure, it sounds sketchy, but she’s desperate.

Overnight, Scarlett’s life changes. Her bills are paid. Her bed is full of pillows. This might be her best decision ever—if she can overlook Alex’s mysterious disappearances, his unexplained scars, and the way he always sits facing a wall when they go out to dinner. Oh, and there’s also that agreement she signed saying she wouldn’t ask personal questions.

Scarlett didn’t plan to get close to Alex, and she certainly didn’t plan to fall for him. She may have agreed not to ask questions, but Scarlett has a supernatural talent for finding things, and she’s willing to use it to find answers. When tragedy ultimately strikes, Scarlett must choose whether to leave the sad but safe future alone, or whether to meddle and set in motion a new chain of events to save the only man she’s ever loved.

First 250 words:
The bell on the door jangled once, twice, three times, and the chime at the drive-through window rang out. It was morning rush at Greenest Clean, and I couldn’t process clothes fast enough.
When business slowed later in the morning, I went through the pockets of the dropped off clothing to make sure no one had forgotten anything. Usually there was nothing more than a gum wrapper or a hair tie, but today I discovered a wallet full of hundred-dollar bills in an expensive pea coat.
No ID in the wallet, but I remembered the man who dropped it off. He’d been wearing a Spencer University shirt that had seen better days and a baseball cap pulled low on his forehead.
I tried to call him, but he must have given me the wrong number. I closed my eyes, concentrated, and tried to find him by thinking about his scruffy Spencer University t-shirt. I thought it would be unique enough to do the trick because it had a throwback logo and the neckline had a small tear.
I got nothing. Either he was too far away, or his shirt wasn’t distinct enough. I fingered the crisp bills in the wallet. Just one of them would buy my groceries for a month. With a sigh, I closed the wallet and locked it in the cash box.
A week later, he still hadn’t picked up the wallet. Inside was enough money to change my life, and this guy didn’t even remember he lost it.

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