Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Help Plan #PBParty

One of my favorite parts of any contest is the twitter party that goes on while the hosts read the submissions. While Sharon and I are busy going through the entries and trying to decide on finals for the agent round, we like to have a little fun. We suggest a topic each day during this process where everyone can jump in with their thoughts. It helps get conversations flowing and brings people together. Often non-PB writers jump aboard because they can't resist talking about their favorite picture books. It all takes place at the #PBParty hashtag. 

Fun does take some planning.

This year I thought why not let you writers do some of the work!!

So down below you'll see the dates and twitter party topics we used last year. I NEED YOU to make suggestions for fun new topics to use this year. It can be variations of old topics or something entirely new. If your topic is picked we will include your name with it to give you credit. We need topics for five or six days but each day can have more than one topic so the more contributions the better. 

So here's your chance to help plan a contest. Have fun. Use your imagination. Keep it clean. Comment below. 

2017 PBParty Twitter Party Topics

Sunday, March 26        Tell us what genre you write and when you entered. Then share your muse. What gives you inspiration to write?

Monday, March 27th     Do you listen to music when your write? Have word count goals? Set aside BIC time (behiney in chair)? Share your daily writing routine.

Tuesday, March 28th     How do you handle writer's block? How many drafts do you write before finished?

Wednesday, March 29th  Animal, vegetable, mineral. Tell us if your MC is human or something else. (My favorite topic.)

Thursday, March 30th     What picture/chapter book gives you the warm fuzzies? And shout out some books with diversity to spread the word on them!

Friday, March 31st       What picture book character would you like for a best friend? What picture book do you remember fondly from your childhood?

Saturday, April 1st       What's your best advice to get through querying? What keeps you sane?

Sunday, April 2nd         Look for CP partners and make more friends. What are your favorite writing craft books?


  1. What famous picture book do you wish you had written and why?

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  3. Rhyming picture books can be a hard sell to agents, but I still love them. What are some of your favorite rhyming picture books, old and new? What about them do you love?

  4. Picture book manuscripts (even good ones) get rejected a lot. What are your strategies for dealing with hearing the word "no"? Chocolate? A drink? Chewing a towel?

  5. What three things do you think every picture book writer should know?

    What advice do you wish you could go back in time and give yourself when you first started to write picture books?

  6. How do you choose which picture books to read?

    Examine some of your favorite picture books. Do your manuscripts have anything in common with them such as POV, voice, theme, etc?

  7. For some reason I can’t sign in so it won’t gave my name (Twitter handle below instead)

    What is the first picture book you remember reading?

    What is your go-to picture book to gift children? And why?

    What is your favourite picture book with a moral? What is that moral!

    If you could sit down and have a beverage (cold, bubbly etc I’m not judging) with a famous picture book author who would it be and why?

    Which picture book do you wish you had written?

    Are you the type to have a book spring into your head, write it down quickly and then take a long time editing your words?....or, do you spend a long time meticulously planning and drafting?


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  9. From someone having trouble posting:

    What are your top tips for getting that word count down?

    On doodles and dummys (for non-illustrators):do you make a complete dummy? How do you know your book will work in pictures?

    Tropes done well or twisted: which books do this best and why?

  10. If you could spend one day exploring the imagined world of a certain illustrator, which illustrator would you choose and what world/book of theirs would you explore?

    We all know that little kids love reading the same books over and over (and over) again. Which picture book do YOU actually enjoy repetitively reading? Why?

  11. What qualities make a picture book beg to be read over and over again?

  12. What is the average length of time it takes you to write a picture book?