Friday, November 15, 2013

Valuable Links: Check and double check

Scams abound everywhere, even in publishing. You can never be too careful. Most of these are pretty well known websites, but here are some places where you can check out agents and publishers or get more information on what a scam looks like.

  • Preditors and Editors- a listing of agents and publishers with ratings on who to trust. 
  • Agent Query- if an agent is listed here, they are probably safe. Gives details on genre, guidelines.
  • Query Tracker - ditto. gives details on genre, guidelines.
  • Absolute write forums- discussions of agents and publishers done by writers. More likely to have rumors than guaranteed facts, but still great information.
  • Writer's Beware Blog- info on who to avoid.
  • SFWA Writer's Beware- lots of info on what to avoid and dubious things to look out for.

Got another place you trust for information? Share it in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. Preditors and editors is great. I received an offer which said

    I am willing to spend one session with you on any subject or needs you may have on publishing for a flat $195 minimum for the first hour, and $40 per one quarter hour (charged in fifteen minute increments) after the first hour. (More details here:

    Yeah, right.

    Sure enough, he was in there.