Saturday, October 24, 2015

Countdown Widget for GRUDGING/ EDELWEISS ARC

I saw this idea from the brilliant Brenda Drake. She had a very cool countdown widget on her blog. So I tucked that link away in hopes of one day using it. And ta da! I got to use it!

It's just so cool! After years of work, it's one of those special days when you can just enjoy it, without all those dark doubts. Those days are sort of few and far between. It wonderful to just hold on to the moment.

If you'd like a copy of my countdown widget for your blog, you can get one at this link. Or perhaps you'd like a widget for your own book. I highly recommend it as a little treat for yourself.

Also the ARC of GRUDGING is now up on Edelweiss. Edelweiss, for those unfamiliar, keeps catalogs of books by publisher as well as digital copies of books for review. Signing up to be a member is free! 

Any book bloggers interested in reviewing GRUDGING who is not a member, can let me know and my publicists can provide copies. Thanks everyone! 

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  1. How exciting! Very happy for you! Aaaand, I will be adding Grudging to my to-read list, for sure. :)