Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Help a Writer Friend

Chuck Sambuchino has a great post on how to support authors with new books out. See it here. It mentions reading in public, leaving reviews, and talking about the book on social media. I want to go beyond that a bit and ask a little more of my loyal followers.

Not every book is going to be picked up by libraries or bookstores. Some authors, like me, have digital first books and aren't going to be displayed in bookstores or libraries unless someone asks for them. Next time you visit your library, consider filling out one of those little request forms and asking them to get a copy of Grudging. Or many libraries are online now and you can request right from your computer or phone. It only takes a few minutes, doesn't cost a thing, and could be a great help to getting the word out.

Also if you planned to buy a paperback copy of Grudging, order it in a bookstore. Bookstores will often purchase an extra copy to put on their shelves when a customer orders something. I'm afraid that's the only way Grudging will end up in stores as it's buried deep in the HarperCollins catalogs. 

Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy your holiday season and get lots of reading done! 


  1. Michelle, I love the idea of requesting the bookstore order in a copy-I think I'll do that to donate Grudging to my library since I bought it on Kindle. Normally I would probably just order from Amazon if I can't find it at the closest bookstore and I really want a copy. But knowing they might order and stock an extra is pretty cool. When I do find a book by a debut author I "met" on social media, I'm always excited to buy it in person.

  2. I just recommended GRUDGING to the Navy Digital Library!