Monday, May 30, 2016

QK2016 Round One Matchups

The big reveal is done as to who was on our Query Kombat teams - now it's time to find out who the Kombatants will be going up against in the first round! The first round will start on Wednesday at 8:00 am and the match-ups will span all our blogs.

Blood and Baguettes vs Croissants Kill
Cuddles and Coups vs Insert Shakespeare Joke Here
Black Holes vs. Water Unicorns and Armadillos
Sugar and Blood vs. Human Kind is Basically Screwed
Samba and Surrender vs. Definitely Not About Donald Drumpf
Seventh Grade Strikeout vs. One-Handed Wonder
Kids + Monsters FTW vs. Ice Cream Rebel Rousers
Greek Out With Me vs. Escape the Fate
The FBI Ruined my Life vs. Like Atlantis, Only Totally Creepy
My Boyfriend Rigged the Lottery vs. Mochi Monster
Southern Gothic Secrets vs. Tittyknope & Troubles

What's Luck Got to Do with It vs. T-Blocked
Three Keep Secret vs. And I Feel Fine
Play Chess Not Checkers vs. The British Are Coming
Jello Poems vs. Dear Mr. President
The Order of Black vs The Sticky Note Ghost
Where's Will Smith When We Need Him vs. Cement Gargling 101
Ticket to Ride vs. Love (Tri)angle
These Little Earthquakes vs. I Forgot to Close the Door
Truth & Consequences v. You Had Me at Salty Fries
A Dark Charade vs. Meet Me at Lake Nevaeh

Ivy League Sex Scandal vs. Chocolate, Wine, and Salsa
Madam Butterfly vs. Sit, Stay, Heal
If The Shrew Fits vs. Irish in America
The Bat is One of You vs. Hot Sauce is Bad for Wound Care
The Ghost and Ms Clair vs The Origin of a Fixer
The Memory Baker vs. Mustache Head
Humanimals vs. Battle Royale
Partners-in-Magic vs. An Irritating Bacterium
Don't Eat Me! vs. Berserk Zombie
To Be A Man vs. Stolen By Time
A Seer in King Arthur's Court vs. Cryptopolis

Remember the rules for contestantsThe most important: 1) wait to comment on the match-ups until we hosts have come around and made the first comment on our posts for the judges. 2) no cheerleading 3) no commenting on your own match-ups, without exception,until the last day of judging. Make sure to read the whole reveal, though, to get all the juicy details!

Now that the rules are out of the way, meet and greet your friendly competition over at #QueryKombat. Most likely you write in the same genre and have a lot in common. Good friendships have come from matchups. Have fun and get ready to battle! 


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  3. I had questions which another helpful contestant answered for me. So excited about the next round!!

    1. I'm glad you found your answers. I was gone for the evening but am back now if you have more questions.