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Query Kombat 2018 Agent Game

A winning guess has been received! But you can still play just to challenge yourself. 

Why just show you the agents for Query Kombat when we can make a game of it? 

Time to play name that agent! 

How well do you know literary agents? 

We'll show you their bio and picture and you name all ten agents on this blog. (Bonus points for naming their agency but no prize for that.) Mike and Kara will do similar posts with their share of our agents. 

You have until Monday morning to correctly name all 10 agents on a blog and win a prize. Restrictions are you can only win once at one blog so there will be three different winners. Don't guess on another blog if you think you've won elsewhere. 

Winner will receive a query critique (a single round of critique only) from the host.

Send your guesses to QueryKombat @ gmail . com (no spaces). Please put the host's name in the subject line. Example: Query Kombat Agent Game- Mike's blog.

For research you might... but no. NO hints yet. I might give some hints on twitter later. 

Have fun and here we go!  Number 10 is going to be tough.  

Agent 1

Founding Partner  spent 20 years as the CEO of a publicity agency and 8 years as an agent and senior agent at Larsen Pomada Literary Agents in San Francisco.
Following her stint as the CEO of a successful Silicon Valley public relations agency bearing her name,  was able to switch gears in 2002 to immerse herself in writing. She penned three manuscripts before deciding that the life of a literary agent was her destiny.  has been writing professionally since high school–first as a journalist, then as a public relations agent, finally as a novelist. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the State University of New York and a Master’s Degree at Syracuse University’s prestigious Newhouse School of Journalism.
At  specializes in adult genre fiction (romance, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, thrillers, suspense, horror, etc.) plus middle-grade and young adult children’s books. She does not handle non-fiction, or commercial, literary or women’s fiction, nor does she handle children’s picture books or graphic novels.
 clients include the New York Times and USA Today bestselling YA author Julie Kagawa, bestselling proper romance author Julianne Donaldson, award-winning steampunk and fantasy author Pip Ballantine, and the award-winning Linda Wisdom, who has had more than 100 romance novels published in her career.

Agent 2
 graduated from Binghamton University with a major in English and a minor in Anthropology. She started in publishing as an intern at both Writers House and Sterling Lord Literistic, where she fell in love with the agency side of publishing.  has been at ,  in the Children's Literature Department since 2009 where she is actively acquiring for all age groups in children’s.
For YA, she is especially interested in contemporary, thriller/mystery, fantasy and horror. She looks for a compelling voice and a strong hook that will set a YA novel apart in the flooded market. She is open to all types of middle grade and especially enjoys adventure, mystery, and magical realism. For both YA and MG, she is interested in unique settings and cultural influences, interesting structure, complicated romances, diverse characters, sister or friendship-centric stories, and stories that feature artists of any kind. In picture books she is drawn to cute, funny stories (as opposed to sweet and quiet) that will grab kids as well as the occasional nonfiction biography on a subject whose story has yet to be told.
 is not looking for any Adult fiction or non-fiction, paranormal or dystopian at this time.

Agent 3
Prior to joining  spent seventeen years freelance editing. She worked with new writers, advanced writers, as well as New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.  earned a bachelor of education degree from the University of Manitoba, where she specialized in English and French. She excelled in Advanced Creative Writing in university and studied writing for children and teens through the Institute of Children’s Literature. She was a Pitch Wars mentor in 2015 and 2016. Both her mentees acquired an agent.
Although was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada, she now lives in Minnesota with her husband, twin girls, and many pets. Her personal interests include reading, writing, exercising at the gym (okay, that’s a love/hate relationship), working on an assortment of crafts, all things having to do with animals (if she could own a farm, zoo, and animal shelter, she would), and enjoying time with family and friends.
In adult fiction,  is interested in acquiring: thrillers, psychological suspense, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary romance, romantic comedy, and mysteries (traditional, amateur sleuth, and cozy). In young adult fiction, she is looking for: thrillers, psychological suspense, horror, mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, and contemporary. 

Agent 4
Having grown up with the same name as her favorite Sweet Valley High twin,  has always had a love for books, especially those that feature kickass female characters, child psychopaths, and serial killers. She loves a book that can scare her, that can make her crying when she’s least expecting it, and a book that she can’t put down no matter what time it is or what rerun of SVU is on. She has a BFA in Writing for Film and Television from the University of the Arts and worked in entertainment for eight years before returning to her home state of NY where she worked at a literary agency for two years before joining 
 is looking for YA contemporary and adult commercial fiction. She loves family stories (in the vein of This is Where I Leave You), thrillers (serial killers; child psychopaths; and the things that keep you up at night), mysteries, and strong women’s fiction that delves into the complexities of our world today as well as supportive female friendships. She loves original voices and stories that are impossible to put down. Her #MSWL consists of a YA summer camp novel, an adult thriller (featuring the information above), and a novel like Where You’d Go, Bernadette that plays with format.

Agent 5
 joined  in 2018, where she is actively building her list and is seeking submissions in YA, MG, and select adult fiction and narrative non-fiction. Previously with, she also interned with the Carol Mann Agency and P.S. Literary Agency, and worked as a medical/ST journal editor and a sales content project manager. She graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with degrees in English and Secondary Education, which means she can tell you everything there is to know about feminist literary theory and the Common Core Standards.  is a proud geek—still expecting to find her misplaced Hogwarts letter, the spare key to the TARDIS, or the secret entrance to Narnia—and is beyond thrilled to have found the perfect profession for channeling her fangirl powers: Associate Literary Agent. 

Whatever the category or genre, I am passionate about finding diverse and underrepresented stories and voices, and welcome submissions from any and all Own Voice authors!

Young Adult and Middle Grade: I am open to queries of all genres. Strong female voices are near and dear to my heart, and I am always drawn to dark turns, twisted psychology, fresh retellings and reimaginings, untold histories, and far off lands. I’m especially looking for dark narratives with well-developed antihero(in)es, lyrical works of magical realism, mad heists, humorous contemporary, and horror… all the horror.
I am also open to graphic novel submissions in line with my YA/MG guidelines; preference to artist/illustrators.

Adult Fiction: I’m open to queries across the following genres: upmarket and commercial women’s fiction, historical, domestic/psychological thrillers, fantasy (not epic), and mysteries (more noir than cozy). Favorites include Megan Abbott, Kaui Hart Hemmings, Hannah Kent, Ami McKay, Kate Morton, Celeste Ng, Camille Perri, Rainbow Rowell, Victoria Schwab; and I’m particularly drawn to stories told through the female lens; extra points for dark and/or smart humor for today’s women.

I am NOT interested in Christian fiction, genre romance, science fiction, or epic fantasy for adult audiences.

Agent 6

 came by her love of reading honestly, inheriting it from parents who always had books close to hand. She began her career in publishing at W. W. Norton, where she spent seven years before pursuing a masters degree in history of the decorative arts. She rejoined publishing shortly thereafter at , and is excited every day to encounter new writers and their stories.

 currently reps adult romance, mystery, women’s fiction, and upmarket fiction, with a special emphasis on historical fiction in all genres. She also represents narrative nonfiction, especially projects exploring the literary world, art history, material culture, archaeology, food history, or social history. She loves projects with a strong sense of place and those that create a completely immersive world. She is particularly interested in books that add something important to the conversation, that explore stories we haven’t yet heard, and that introduce new voices to our reading experience.

 currently lives outside of Washington, DC with her husband and two kids. When she’s not reading, she likes to cook, root for the Cubs, and spend as much time outside as she can.

Agent 7

 is a Literary Agent and co-founder of . She holds a B.A. in English from Pennsylvania State University, and a M.A. from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. She has worked with Marisa Corvisiero during her time at the L. Perkins Agency and the Corvisiero Literary Agency. 

​ is looking for fun, witty young adult contemporary, particularly sci-fi, and fantasy (romance is a plus). She's also looking for smart, sexy contemporary and historical romance ( definitely has a soft spot for a fantastic Regency). She’s drawn to strong, intelligent characters (snarky, but still likable). Please note that while it isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, she tends to shy away from novels with trigger topics, such as suicide and any type of abuse.

 is NOT accepting picture books, non-fiction or screenplays at this time. 

Agent 8

 has been listed by Publisher's Marketplace as a top dealmaker in the country, and named ACFW's 2012 Agent of the Year.

She loves discovering new talent and helping established authors to take their career to the next level.

Do you have the next project to feed her book addiction? A smart, tight read she won’t be able to put down? A signature voice she’ll fight to represent?

HEA’s are a must for romance. Mainstream suspense, thrillers, mysteries, YA and inspirational novels are welcome. A consummate science geek and card-carrying Mensa member,  would love to find the next great science fiction/fantasy novel or action/adventure masterpiece.  

Currently on her wish list: high concept middle grade, any kind of romance, and really fresh voices in YA.

 is a member of AAR, ACFW, RWA, and Mensa. She holds degrees in biology, psychology, and behavioral neuroscience. Like  taught in the public school system and has worn many hats before heeding her calling to become a literary agent--for which she will forever be indebted to .

 "I have the best job in the world. I read for a living and make author's dreams come true."

Agent 9

 has spent her whole life with a book in her hands. Whether it's from reading, writing, or day dreaming, her mind has always been up in the clouds wishing her fantasy stories would come true. Down on earth, somewhere between reading during science class, writing while she should be sleeping, and spending her social hours pretending she wasn't actually a closet nerd, she finally realized that her life would be a lot happier if she just accepted her love of books.

A recent graduate of West Chester University, she earned her B.S.Ed. in English and went to pursue a career in teaching. Little did she know that despite all of her hard work, the environment she ended up in would be one she disliked. After taking a step back and reassessing her life, she realized that maybe she should have focused on the world of literary agents and publishing a long time ago.

When not working as a book nerd,  can be found dancing, hiking, riding horses, perfecting her yoga technique, blogging, and writing her own manuscript. If you're lucky, you might even be able to catch her flying around the world, saving lives. She is superwoman after all!

Though she reads various genres of Middle Grade, Young Adult, and New Adult novels, her true weakness is for YA Fantasy. More recently, Steampunk has quickly crept up the charts in her heart as well.

With books, there's just something about strong female main characters holding their own against the world, in an environment that  could never, in her wildest dreams, find herself living within. It tears at her heart and pulls at her soul, especially when the main character finds that she never needed another to complete her in the first place.

MG: Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-fi.
YA: Fantasy (all sub genres of fantasy accepted), Steampunk, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Historical (19th century and earlier with strong heroines), Dystopian (hold the cyborgs, the scorch, and diseases, please), Sword and Sorcery, a very selective few for Contemporary Romance, and any combination of the above with strong, female main characters. 
NA: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance (Cowboys, anyone? Sexy and somewhat geeky entrepreneur? Celebrity? Yes?), Historical Romance, or any combination of the above.
Adult: Fantasy, Romance.

Agent 10

I've been working in the publishing industry since 2008, both as a literary agent and more recently as a director of international rights. I have negotiated hundreds of book licenses all over the world, and I couldn't be more excited about launching this agency. Discovering authors is my passion, and building a new list is an absolute thrill.

I live with my amazing wife, our magical baby girl, and our 16-year-old puppy in New Jersey, a half hour west of Manhattan. I'm originally from the lovely Buffalo area and still visit family and friends there at least twice a year. I studied English and business at Notre Dame, and I still watch all of their football games. It's great when they win, but I don't get too upset when they lose (it's only football, people.) I've been in love with music and skiing for as long as I can remember, and I recently became enamored with disc golf. It has everything great about regular golf without the huge expense, heavy bags, tee times, stuffy etiquette, dress codes, or crowds.

Our lives may seem/be meaningless when you take a broad space-time perspective, but this thing we've got, this world we all's pretty special. Let's cherish it, and one another, while we can.

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