Wednesday, March 27, 2019

PBParty 2019 Agent Round!

Once again I really enjoyed this contest. There were a few more challenges this year with the number of entries, my cold, and a new puppy, but I think it turned out better than ever before.

As always the entries blew all three of us away. They are beyond adorable, heart touching, hilarious, sweet and informative. And Picture Book authors are by far the kindest and most polite people! I don't know about Mindy and Sharon, but I felt like I was in the middle of a group love hug on twitter all week.

Commenting on entries is for agents only. If you'd like to cheer or rave about a favorite, please hop over to twitter at the hashtag #PBParty. The party continues there as we celebrate and support our fellow writers.

We are thrilled to have an illustrator's showcase this year. This is entirely thanks to Mindy--her idea and she put in the hard work to make it happen. I hope the agents love it. 

Again the entries will be seen on my website instead of my blog.

Here is the link to the 25 entries and our illustration showcase.

Notice once you get there, there is a link to the left in the sidebar (Picture Book Party Spring 2019) which will take you back to the entry start at any time.

Any entry with artwork will have (A) in the title to make them easier for the agents to find.  

Thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned to the blog or sign up for my newsletter for future contests. 

Note: I know of one entry that wished to be taken down after the agent round. I will also be taking down the illustration showcase. If you want your entry taken down after the agent round, please email us. 

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