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Mentors for Nightmare on Query Street 2016

I know you'll want to get to know the mentors who will be helping the finalists perfect their query letter and first 250 words. But first a few dates for Nightmare on Query Street:

Submission Window Opens: October 14th 4:00 pm EST
Final Picks are Announced: October 20th
Mentors Go to Work: October 21th - 26th
Revised Entries Due Back: October 26th at noon EST
Agent round: October 29th - 30th

A third of the list of amazing mentors is here. To see the other parts of the list, visit Mike's blog and Laura's blog. Mike has had a personal emergency and all the mentors are now listed on my blog or Laura's blog. Some of the mentors have been helping our contests for ages and some are brand new. Please give all of them a big welcome!

Jessica Kapp went to her first Writers’ Group meeting with her grandmother when she was eleven but didn’t take her love of writing seriously until she graduated from college.

With a degree in Broadcast Communication, Jessica started her storytelling career through the lens of a camera. From television news, she transitioned to print journalism and eventually succumbed to her true passion: fiction.

Jessica writes YA Contemporary and Speculative Fiction, and her debut novel, BODY PARTS, comes out Fall 2017. 

She is represented by Whitley Abell of Inklings Literary Agency. Find her on twitter at @JessKnapp.

Gail Nall lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her family and more cats than necessary. She once drove a Zamboni, has camped in the snow in June, and almost got trampled in Paris. Gail is the author of the Aladdin/S&S middle grade novels BREAKING THE ICE, the YOU'RE INVITED series (co-authored with Jen Malone), and the upcoming OUT OF TUNE (11/8/16) and BEST.NIGHT.EVER. (co-authored, 8/15/17). She is also the author of the young adult novel, EXIT STAGE LEFT (Epic Reads Impulse/HarperCollins).

Buy links for all books:
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Annie Sullivan has worked at John Wiley and Sons, Inc. publishing company since 2007 in acquisitions, editorial, content marketing, and publicity roles. In addition, she writes young adult fantasy and is represented by Christa Heschke of McIntosh & Otis Literary. She received her MFA in creative writing from Butler University, and her work has been featured in Curly Red Stories and Punchnel’s. Her novel won the Luminis Books Award at the 2013 Midwest Writers Workshop.

She lives in Indianapolis but has traveled to over 50 countries, and she now offers free setting advice to anyone looking to set a story in a country they’ve never been to. When she’s not off on a new adventure, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and playing with her dog. She’s an expert four-leaf clover finder and loves everything Jane Austen.

Twitter: @annsulliva

When C. B. Catalano realized she spent more time daydreaming than living in the real world she decided to write them down to share with others. Now she's ready to bring those daydreams to life. C. B. writes MG and YA, and is represented by Suzie Townsend at New Leaf Literary & Media. She can be found wandering around the Pacific Northwest with her 3 kids, husband, and new puppy. After moving 21 times over the span of 7 states and 18 years she thinks she may have finally found a place to call home (for now) and aims to explore all that Washington has to offer.

Erika David is a Toronto-area writer of middle grade and young adult fiction, and is represented by Eric Myers at Dystel & Goderich. She credits a lifelong appreciation of sci-fi and fantasy to the discovery of John Christopher’s The Tripod novels, and classic TV shows like Space 1999 andBattlestar Galactica. She also loves a good thriller, but can only read them with the lights on, or watch them through the buttonhole of her sweater. When not reading, writing, or eating too much dark chocolate, she enjoys going out to movies and indie concerts, as well as keeping up with her husband, three kids and a munsterlander named Martha.

J.B. Rockwell is a New Englander, which is important to note because it means she's (a) hard headed, (b) frequently stubborn, and (c) prone to fits of snarky sarcasticness. As a kid she subsisted on a steady diet of fairy tales, folklore, mythology augmented by generous helpings of science fiction and fantasy. As a quasi-adult she dreamed of being the next Indian Jones and even pursued (and earned!) a degree in anthropology. Unfortunately, those dreams of being an

archaeologist didn't quite work out. Through a series of twists and turns (involving cats, a marriage, and a SCUBA certification, amongst other things) she ended up working in IT for the U.S. Coast Guard and now writes the types of books she used to read. Not a bad ending for an Indiana Jones wannabe.

J.B.’s debut sci-fi novel, SERENGETI (a NoQS 2015 entry) was recently published by Severed Press. Find out more about J.B., SERENGETI, and J.B.’s other writing projects at 

ELIZABETH RODERICK is the author of the LGBT romantic suspense novel, Love or Money, and the magical realism The Other Place Series, which includes The Hustle, The Other Place, Love and War (release date 3/7/17), and Synchronicity, (release date 5/2/17). She has written ten other novels in a wide range of genres, which are in various stages of revision and pitching.

Elizabeth’s stories are about love, death, gang warfare, and madness. Her characters tend to be of the type that society generally shuns: addicts, convicts, and the neurodiverse. She herself is a neurodiverse person, and has struggled with addiction and other issues.

Elizabeth believes if people get to know people who live on the fringes of society, both in stories and in real life, they'll find them more likeable than they originally thought.

Wren hails from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin where beer and cheese are their own food groups. But a cowboy swept her off her feet and carried her below the Mason-Dixon line to Texas, where she promptly lost all tolerance for cold and snow. Fueled by coffee, dreams, and men in kilts, Wren promises to bring you laughter, sexy fun time, and action that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The easiest way to her heart is anything to do with the Green Bay Packers, Doctor Who, or Joss Whedon. 

Represented by Margaret Bail of Inklings Literary Agency.

Nicole Tone is a novelist, essayist, and editor. She's the Publishing Director and an editor at REUTS Publications. She is getting her MA in English and Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University, is an intern for a literary agency, and freelance writes and edits. Check out her website, follow her on Twitter, or you can like her Facebook page.

Shari Schwarz lives in Colorado with her husband and their four boys. TREASURE AT LURE LAKE is her debut middle grade novel which reflects her love for a good survival adventure story. When she’s not reading or writing, Shari can be found freelance editing, weight-lifting, gardening or watching her boys play various sports. She frequently daydreams of exploring Oregon Coast beaches and enjoys reading manuscripts as a literary intern. 

You can visit Shari on her website:
Twitter: @sharischwarz

Born and raised in the sunny land of Portugal, Diana lives in Lisbon, where she works as a game developer and writer. In her free time, she can be found writing (obviously), painting, and devouring extraordinary quantities of books and video games—especially anything on the fantasy spectrum. Keeping her company are two awesome kitties, Sushi and Jubas, and her bearded dragon Norbert!

Her work is represented by Natalie Lakosil of Bradford Lit.

Twitter -

Peggy Rothschild grew up in Los Angeles. Always a mystery-lover, she embraced the tales of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys before graduating to the adult section of the library. An English major in high school, she switched to art – her other passion – in college. Peggy has authored two adult mysteries, CLEMENTINE’S SHADOW and ERASING RAMONA. PUNISHMENT SUMMER is her first young adult book.

Peggy is represented by Melissa Jeglinski of The Knight Agency. She lives in the beach community of Ventura with her husband and their cats. In her spare time she focuses on transforming their yard into a drought-tolerant garden.

Kate is a freelance editor, MG Pitch Wars mentor, and the editorial director at Lakewater Press. She's also an award-winning middle grade author. Although originally from the UK, she now lives on the Gold Coast in Australia with her family.

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