Thursday, October 20, 2016

The 2016 Minions of Nightmare on Query Street

Taking on the slush pile is a daunting task. It's such a hard task to limit ourselves to thirteen with so much wonderful available. I know the last word anyone wants to hear is 'subjective', but that's truly the best word to describe how we have to approach slush with so many contenders.

Happily, we have a surprise this year. Your hosts decided thirteen picks was an unlucky number and we boosted it up to fifteen! We each took fifteen entries! 

With that happy news, it's time to reveal the Minions of Nightmare on Query Street 2015!

In category order:

Boy of the Bayou
Hiding in Plain View
Detours and Other Dangers
Aimei and the Poem of Chen Suwen
Miles to Go
The Donor
Six Means Fortune
We Burn Too Bright
A Knight's Ransom
Nia Gray and the Quest of the Callis
Angel in an Iron Ring
Dancing in the Dark

We are off to rough up the competition and get all the requests!

Thank you everyone and be sure to check Michael's Blog and Laura's blog for their picks.

Keep an eye on your inbox. Mentors will be contacting you through the email you used to enter the contest. If that's not your actual email because a friend mailed yours in, you'd better let us know. Each entry will get one mentor assigned to them. 

Please return your revised entry using the same format to the contest email by noon ET on October 26th. We need that time to swat down unruly formatting and create the posts before the agent round. Please do not be late. We will go live without you.

And a final surprise! The agent round will start a day early on October 28th! 

Come back on October 28th to see the agents Shriek, Scream and Shiver! 

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