Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Query Kombat 2018 First Round Results

Well, Round 1 of this zany tournament officially ended Monday night. We promised blood, and blood there was. Also tears, nail-biting, and some hair-pulling. Congratulations to all of you who fought hard and came out victorious.

Please have your revised entries to us by Wednesday, June 6th at 8am EST. IF you are ready earlier please send earlier. You have a short time to revise but hosts have an even shorter time to format. :-)  Use the same format and send to the contest email: QueryKombat (at) gmail (dot) com.

EDIT: Bios can now be included with query letters just for the agent round. 

A full 32 entries out of the 64 lost in a valiant fight that is Query Kombat Round 1. For those 32: Good job. You beat out 350+ other entries to make the first round, and you gave the judges a hell of a job to do. Hopefully you got some amazing feedback as well!

For the 32 winners, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! YOU GET TO GO ON TO THE AGENT ROUND ON Wednesday morning!!!

Below is the list of those who will go on to the next round. Let me know if we made any mistakes! Team Magnificent Misfits is in Orange.

Raspberry Moon

Fake Invisibility T-Shirt

Planet Panic

Shiver Me Timbers

You Octopi My Heart

Got Me a Daddy Map

A Boy Named Pez

Love in the Time of Proscuitto

This Wasn't in the Job Contract

Carrion My Wayward Son


Canary Girl

Sister Witches Who Kick Butt

I Found a Magic Stone in Paris

My Babysitter is a Skeleton

Cowboys vs Zombie Pirates

GG: Found Family

I Wish I Was White


Swimming with Amoebas

Peace Pays What War Wins

God's Dead, Now What?

No Heroes Here

Capes and Clorox

Hungry Ocean Gods

I'll Stand Bayou

Don't Mess with an Assassin Mom

Tequila Mockingbird

Punk Rock Waitress Rules

Why Are You So Obsessed with Me?

Lady CEOs Are Sexy Too

Unnaturally Dyed Boutonniere

CONGRATS!!! Of course, we still have....

The Host Saves

These are SIX entries that we hosts picked from our teams to move on to the agent round but not on to Round 2. Check out Michael's and Kara's picks as well. The Host Saves can submit a revised entry and will go to the agent round, but not to the second kombat round.

This was a difficult choice as you can imagine. I looked at entries that had close votes. Entries I thought might appeal most to agents. Entries with strong original concepts. Also I couldn't help but be a little subjective. This was pretty much agony. My host saves are:



Congrats everyone!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see you all at the agent round!

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