Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Two Contests

Two exciting pitch fests are starting next week. On Monday, March 11th is the 'Luck 'o the Irish' pitch fest from WriteOnCon. Monday to Wednesday, YA and MG authors can submit their 200 word query letter for review. Twelve agents are involved and each will choose 25 pitches on which to comment.

The other contest is Pitch Madness from Brenda Drake. Entries will be taken during windows on March 15th. The genres can be Adult, New Adult, YA, and MG. For this contest you'll need a 35 word logline/pitch and the first 250 words of your completed manuscript.

Sounds like fun. Good luck to everyone.


  1. I'm joining Brenda's...if I can think of a decent 35 word pitch...

  2. I'm using my new MG in the WriteOn contest. Might try my older YA ms in Brenda's. I don't have a pitch line for the newer ms yet.

  3. I'm so excited about these contests =D

    If you're having trouble thinking of a short pitch, I have a Pitch Generator that could give you some ideas (or at least some giggles) on my blog.

    It's kind of like a mad lib for your Novel!

  4. I NEED TO FINISH MY MS :( Ugh! Too many awesome contests!

    1. I'm sure the contests will be back around when your ms is finished, SC. They appear every few months.

  5. Thanks for highlighting these contests, Michelle. They're worth the effort.