Saturday, May 25, 2013

Unveiling the Query Kombat Brackets!

Due to a problem with a few of the entrants, the bracket reveal got delayed by a day or two. I hope it was worth the wait. We did our best to match age categories together and you'll see all the MG's on the right and the adult's on the left (separated as they should be). YA's, being so stuck on themselves, took up both sides, while the poor lonely NA's are squeezed in somehow, just glad to get space.

I'm excited to see the Misfit Apocalypse in a knock out fight with the Space Mafia. And wonder what will happen between the Knight in Shining Armani and the Witch. I'm taking a step back from the Decapitator. And watching my feet around the Broken Jar. Pick your favorites and see if you can find your competition on twitter.

Once again, congrats and good luck to everyone who made it into the first round. Below you will find the tournament bracket with first round match-ups. Honestly, we have no idea who will make it into the next round. There are just so many exceptional entries!

Though entries are going head to head, this is a friendly competition. We don't mind banter but please keep it lighthearted. We don't want hurt feelings or bruised pride.

As you all know, the first round begins on May 28 on Michelle's blog. Please refrain from leaving comments until all match-ups (32 total) and the judging comments are posted.

Feel free to shout out your entry name on twitter and look for your competition. Who knows, maybe you'll become best of writerly buddies :D

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  1. The Knight is going DOWN!!! *jumps around, punches, Rocky-style*

  2. *pom poms in #26's corner* Goooo Space Mafia! I BELIEVE IN YOU!