Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Query Kombat Round 1 Has Begun!

That's right Query Kombat is live! We are underway from now until Monday, June 3rd, for voting and commenting. That gives the judges a full week to consider their votes. Updated brackets listing the second round Kombatants will be posted on June 4th.

As a reminder, our fabulous judges are voting as replies to the first comment in every matchup using their secret nicknames. (Please give me a few moments to get those first comments settled before you jump in.) Judges will vote as follows: Victory: Kombatant nickname! and then they will possibly give more detailed feedback about their votes. I will try and shout out on twitter when I see a judge stopping by the blog. Only the Query Kombat judges' votes will count toward determining who moves to the next round.

Voting ties will be broken by the blog host, which is me for this round.

Anyone may comment, but we hope each Kombatant will provide constructive feedback on at least 6 matchups. That means lending your thoughts to both entries in a matchup.

While not everyone can advance to the final round, everyone can gain insight that makes their query and first page stronger. It has been an honor working with all of you.

Let the battles begin!  

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