Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Second Round Kombatants Are

First and foremost, HUGE thanks to everyone. Your kindness, sportsmanship, and advice has been invaluable in making this first round a success. Win or lose, every one of our kontestants will walk away with amazing advice and great connections.

Also, BIG thanks to our judges. The first round is the hardest and each of your did amazing...even if you gave me a heart attack in the process. Take a breather and a rest, then come back for the second round voting which starts on Wednesday, June 5th. This round will be shorter, both time wise and in the number of matchups.

To those who won't advance to the next round: You are all amazing. You have so much talent and drive and I know you'll make it far in this industry. Don't be discouraged. Take all the feedback you received and make the most of it. Not only that, pay it forward. We are all brothers and sisters in this struggle. Brotherly and sisterly love is the only way each of us can achieve our goals. I'll be posting my picks from the first round, those that didn't make the second round, on my blog soon for those who are curious.

And check out Mike's blog for an opportunity for anyone who entered Query Kombat. You can post your revised query and first page on your own blog, then link through Mike to all the other Kombatants who still wish for feedback. It's a chance for 1st rounders to show the changes they decided to make and for those who didn't make the contest to show their work.

This writing community is SO awesome. Thank you for being so AMAZING.

Now, what you've all been waiting for. Here are the kontestants who will advance to the second round. We had planned to use the brackets to set up the matchups, but due to popular outcry have changed that policy. Query Kombat is so new and so large that we are still trying to work out the kinks. To make the matchups more equal they will be grouped by genre instead of the brackets.

Here are the 2nd round entries:

The Decapitator: Adult Urban Fantasy
McTavish Academy: Adult Urban Fantasy
Champagne & Hot Dogs: Women's Fiction
Penny Lane Grows Up: Women's Fiction
Interstellar Pez: MG SciFi
Jungle Vendetta: MG SciFi
Zone Tripper: Adult SciFi
Alien Prep School Conspiracy: YA SciFi
Tricks Aren’t For Kids: YA Contemp.
Broken Jar: YA Contemp.
Like-Minded Individuals: Adult Thriller
Dangerous Politics: Adult Thriller
Mississippi Crazypants: Women's Fiction
Meryl-&-I: Women's Fiction
Minna Gray: YA Futuristic Fantasy
Lies and Lovers: Contemporary YA (in verse)
Colorblind: YA SciFi
Misfit Apocalypse: YA SciFi
Not Odette: YA Fantasy
Kicking Ash: NA Fantasy
Knight in Shining Armani: Adult Contemp Romance
SugarTales: YA Contemp.
Revenant: YA Urban Fantasy
Supergeeker: YA Fantasy
Troglin Snot: MG Fantasy
Zombie Barbers: MG Comedy
The Fisherman: Adult Lit. Suspense
Spirit Slayer: YA Southern Gothic
RedDryad: YA Paranormal 
DAMNED: YA Dark Fantasy
Eye Above You: MG Contemp.
Elementary Girl: Alt History Mystery

Here are their matchups:

Mississippi Crazypants vs. Meryl-&-I
The Decapitator vs. McTavish Academy
Champagne & Hot Dogs vs. Penny Lane Grows Up
The Fisherman vs. Zone Tripper
Like-Minded Individuals vs. Dangerous Politics
Knight in Shining Armani vs. Elementary Girl
Kicking Ash vs. Spirit Slayer
Broken Jar vs. SugarTales
Tricks Aren’t For Kids vs. Lies and Lovers
Not Odette vs. DAMNED
Supergeeker vs. Alien Prep School Conspiracy
Revenant vs. Colorblind
Minna Gray vs. Misfit Apocalypse
RedDryad vs. Eye Above You
Zombie Barbers vs. Troglin Snot
Jungle Vendetta vs. Interstellar Pez

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