Monday, February 9, 2015

SVS 15: BOLDLY GO, Women's Fiction

Genre: Women's Fiction
Word Count: 78,000

My main character would prefer to live in:
Growing up in Wyoming means Lis is on close personal terms with snow. She goes to school in Colorado, which has plenty of sun. But right now, Lis doesn’t care about the weather in the place she lives. She only cares about getting into vet school. Sunny, snowy, windy, foggy—she couldn’t care less. She’d go to the Bermuda Triangle if it meant she got a DVM in four years.  

Dear Agents:

Lis Fairchild is excited to meet her sister Adele’s boyfriend, until she recognizes him as the random stranger she hooked up with six weeks ago. When Lis tells her sister what happened, Adele locks herself in her room and refuses to speak to Lis. 

To assuage her guilt, Lis joins The Hallowell Agency, a group of women devoted to exposing cheating husbands and boyfriends. She might have broken her sister’s heart, but at least she can help ensure no other girl has to suffer. Chatting up awkward Psychology majors in the library is easy enough, and the money’s good. Even if she does have to make out with the occasional drunk frat boy.  

Lis’s biggest challenge comes when she investigates Will Stratford, who looks exactly like a young Captain Kirk—on whom Lis has had a crush since her dad introduced her to Star Trek at thirteen. Lis falls hard for Will, but if he responds to her advances, then he’s the kind of guy she can’t be with.

When things blow up with Will, Lis is ready to leave the Agency and its deceptions behind. That is, until they take on a new client: Lis’s mom. Lis can’t believe her geeky dad would get his Kling-on with another woman. With Adele not speaking to her, and their mom in the dark about Lis’s new job, it’s up to Lis to find the truth and keep her family together.

BOLDLY GO is a work of Women’s Fiction where Sophie Kinsella meets Charlie’s Angels. Thank you for your consideration.

First 250:

The whole business with Wyatt was Nick's fault, really. If he hadn't broken up with me, then lied about leaving Fort Collins, I wouldn't have driven home to Laramie. I wouldn't have missed a shift at work and gotten fired. And then I wouldn't have tried to cheer myself up by going to the second dirtiest bar in Laramie and making out with the first guy who showed any interest. Which was how I met Wyatt the first time.

The second time I met Wyatt, he was late for dinner.

“I’m starving. What is taking your man so long?” I grumbled, glancing at my phone to check the time. “Did you tell him to meet us at six or six-thirty?”

My sister, Adele, looked at the door of the Mexican restaurant for the tenth time. “I told him six. Maybe his classes ran long.”

I sighed. “Okay. But if he’s not here by six-thirty, I’m ordering anyway.”


It wasn’t the best start to the night. I tried to be excited for her, but to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about meeting my sister’s boyfriend. I was still burned out on guys after what happened with Nick, and Adele’s early relationship enthusiasm wore on my nerves. She was annoyed with me for not meeting Wyatt the last time I visited, six weeks earlier, and I was annoyed she had a boyfriend when I’d been unceremoniously dumped. My petty inability to be happy for her irritated me on top of everything else.

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