Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Team Snow 2018

It's that time! 

I hope everyone had a good time and learned something. Contests are for fun and meeting new friends after all!

As I said on twitter this might have been the best group of slush ever, but I only had room for sixteen. With 200+ entries that means a lot left behind. I went back and forth a dozen times before deciding. Be sure to check the Team Sun picks over at Amy's blog, and remember that contests aren't the only means to get in front of agents. 

I never made it in to any large contests, so I know exactly how you feel. I got my agent from a query. And everyone's journey is different. Keep on keeping on!

The following entries will be on Team Snow:

Middle Grade:

Hazelwood- Fantasy

The Artist Quest- Science Fiction
The Fashion Mages- Fantasy

Young Adult:

Feral Prime- Science fiction (ownvoices)

The Late Princess Gwendolyn- Fantasy
The Handbook of Fairy Godmothers- Contemporary
One Kind of Folks- Contemporary (ownvoices)
Glimpses of Me- Contemporary (ownvoices)
Stepsisters- Mystery
Throwaway Girl- Thriller
The Last Mesmerist- Gaslight Fantasy
The Cosplayer- Contemporary (ownvoices)


Dead and Buried- Historical Mystery (ownvoices)

Detention- Women's Fiction
Viridescence- Science Fiction
Stone Man- Contemporary

Mentors should be contacting you soon, but give them until Tuesday night.  

Get your revised entry back to me no later than Monday, February 5th at 11:00 pm EST. That’s so I have time to format the entries and have them ready to post for the agent round on Thursday, February 8th. Mail your revised entry to the contest email Sunversussnow (at) yahoo (dot) com. Please use the exact same format and don't forget the Sun versus Snow question.

And do find me on twitter (@Michelle4Laughs) so I can add you to my team list before the agent round! I hope everyone sticks around to party and see if Sun or Snow gets the most requests. 

Team Snow will be ready to kick it to the sun!

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