Monday, November 26, 2018

Saucy Cranberries 1: FLIGHT CLUB, Contemporary WF

Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction
Words: 99K words

How I Fell for Writing:

How I fell for writing is a simple. I grew up around books. My mom has read about 100 books a year since my birth and she keeps all of them, so we had a significant library and a love of reading was instilled at an early age. Once I realized I was narrating in my head on my walks to and from school (early 80s), I understood I was born to write. Been writing ever since.


Dear Agent,

At thirty thousand feet, Flight Club is for lovers, not fighters.

The only thing Zanne Silva misses about her small Louisiana hometown is her best friend Barrett. Still, she never thought twice about leaving him behind to secure her dream job of working in-flight for a hot new luxury airline that caters to the rich and famous. Zanne has her heart set on working a European long-haul route so she can see the world, meet open-minded new people, and prove she’s meant for bigger and better things than the slut label she grew up with. When the airline’s real-time passenger rating system of crew members makes it near impossible for her to land an international spot, Zanne seeks out Val LaSalle, the flight attendant with the highest passenger rating, for help. Val invites Zanne to join Flight Club—a secret mile-high club for flight attendants and select passengers—and she challenges everything Zanne ever believed about what it means to be open-minded.

Steamy encounters with passengers in the airplane lavatories puts crew members of Flight Club on a fast track to the top, and Val’s glamorous international lifestyle is everything Zanne's ever dreamed of. But even fat bonus checks and an island dream route can’t disguise the shame Zanne begins to feel for cheating the crew rating system. Dropping out of Flight Club isn’t that simple, though. Matter of fact, if Val LaSalle has her way, no crew member will ever be allowed to leave Flight Club. And she happens to have the collateral to keep it that way. Zanne better decide which is more important: her dream job, or her integrity. Or somehow devise a plan to keep both.   

FLIGHT CLUB is a 99K word women’s fiction piece with romantic elements and diverse characters. While working for a major airline for over twenty years I’ve also been writing fiction. I've included the first 250 words below. Thank you for your time and consideration.

First 250 Words

My godmother Pam used to say a woman’s mind is like an airplane—quick, powerful, and built to soar. Pam worked in-flight in the eighties and nineties, back when flight attendants were called stewardesses and cash worked as currency onboard airplanes. As a wide-eyed kid on the bayou, Pam’s stories were the only ones I’d come in off the water for. She was so worldly and wise. I wanted to grow up to be just like her.

At the moment, however, my mind feels more like a swamp boat stuck in the mud than a high-flying airplane. Thanks to the passenger towering over me in the aircraft aisle.

If this guy glares any harder, he’ll burst a blood vessel.

The scarf at my neck tightens. Deep breath, now. Nice and easy.

Please take a seat, sir,” I instruct him.

“Tell your captain to open that door and get me back up to the gate,” the man says, oblivious to the other first class passengers staring at us from either side of the aisle. "I have to find my phone."

A regional jet like this hardly offers enough space for one person to stand, let alone room for a face-off. This guy has at least six vertical inches on me.

“We haven’t even pulled away yet.” He gestures toward the window. “You're being difficult.”

I can’t remember, does the crew handbook say it’s okay to tell arrogant first class jackasses to back off and sit?

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