Monday, November 26, 2018

Saucy Cranberries 5: PANDORA REBORN, YA Fantasy OV

Genre: YA Fantasy Ownvoices
Word Count: 106,001

How I fell for writing:

It all started on an unnecessarily hot day in Virginia- A pre-teen girl decided to write the stories she made up in her head in a notebook. A small thought turned into a five hundred page story that she vehemently denies exists. That girl is me. And I fell for writing because I had too many ideas and not enough friends in the small town my family moved to. Writing was a coping mechanism turned hobby and now it's my life. PANDORA REBORN is the latest evolution of my craft and exploration of my heart.


Dear Ms/Mr. Agentstar,

All Pandora Boon wants is a simple eighteenth birthday with her two best friends. Yet when she wakes to a letter telling her to run, instinctual panic fills her veins and she escapes out a window.  Pandora has a creeping suspicion the letter was no cruel birthday prank and other gods hunt her. Instead she and her best friends stuff themselves into a tiny car with no destination.

From the beaches of Florida to the mountaintops of Norway, Pandora runs from a slew of Gods from every corner of the globe.  With Zeus, Athena, Ra and even the Norse God Thor on her tail, Pandora must rely on the help of her two best friends and loyal titan Epimetheus(They/them) to uncover the history of her name and the locket. The locket, once known as Pandora’s Box, can grant a God any wish their wicked heart desires.  Every Pandora reincarnation before her died trying to protect it. With her new, literal earth shaking power she takes a stand against the Gods. But the locket makes Pandora a walking target. With no control over her powers, she’s a death trap. If she doesn’t learn to trust her instincts and the voices of those Pandora’s who came before her, she will become another dead demi-god.

A YA Fantasy Adventure novel with series potential, PANDORA REBORN, is a Queer+ inclusive novel and #ownvoices. As a pansexual woman I wrote the novel I needed back in high school, showing that love can take all forms, and bi/pan girls can be more than just be sexually deviant beings. Fans of THE GODDESS TEST and PERCY JACKSON will enjoy this novel complete at 106k words.

Thank you for your consideration.

First 250:

Chapter One:

Dear Pandora;

If you are reading this, then it’s your 18th birthday and your parents did as instructed. I wish things were easier, but with every reincarnation the other Gods grow more crazed. Please understand you do not deserve this! Fate is unkind and has seen to thrust this upon you. The locket in your hands is very special as it holds the power to change everything. That’s why they hunt you.

You need to know a few things:

1. Everything you know is a lie about yourself, who we are, what we’ve done. You ARE the reincarnation of Pandora.

2. Never accept gifts from the gods.

3. Do not open the locket, do not let anyone convince you to open it, never take it off.

4. Zeus, Ra, Thor and all others like them want you dead.

Now run! Burn this letter and never stop running.

Pandora Elias Merryweather

Two things could happen. The letter was fake and I panicked. The letter was real and gods were after me. So I did what I thought was best. I yanked open the bedroom window, popped out the screen and tossed my butt out the window. Wet, scratchy grass broke my fall. The sun hidden behind thick trees, muggy air choked me as I bolted across my driveway. Something took over my brain, put me into hyperdrive.


I forgot car keys. Damn. But I remembered to put on pants!  Jean shorts and a faded mickey mouse tank-top, not exactly running attire.

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