Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Release Day to Sid Hamer

There is always a still, quiet space before tragedy, when the future is known to the spirit and the soul quakes with the coming.

In an age before the great flood when the world was new, the beauty of one young woman drew more than admiring glances. Atarah saw the stranger in her troubled dreams before he approached her. All he wanted was a drink from her jug of water, or so he said. But of course, a drink was not all he wanted.

She escaped the Watcher, Semjaza until after her marriage to her father’s wealthy relative, Naaman. Semjaza came to her in a moment of weakness, a moment when she needed a kind touch, and with the lie she told her husband her journey to the abyss began.

How could one mistake change the course of her life? And how would she escape Semjaza and find redemption for her indiscretion?

THE POISON JAR is now listed on amazon.com, soon to be available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, The Book Depository (UK) and Divertir Publishing. There are links on my website www.sidhamer.com or just type in Sid Hamer or The Poison Jar.

I want to thank my publisher, Ken Tupper (Divertir Publishing) for taking a raw manuscript and turning it into a novel of which I am very proud.

My five years of research into the antediluvian time period and people was and is an experience worthwhile in its own right. If I hadn’t written a word, I would still feel blessed to have taken this journey but having said that, my joy is magnified because I can share it with all of you. The Poison Jar is just the first installment in a series that will cover six generations and I am hard at work on the second manuscript.