Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Free Pass Teaser

On Friday we are releasing the details about the wonderful agents who will be viewing your Query Kombat submissions! There is a real variety in the 'wants lists' in this group of ten. (Yipee! Ten!) We'll be able to accept adult, YA, MG, and NA entries. I'll hint that they might like to see adult commercial, adult and YA science fiction and fantasy, romance, woman's fiction, and many more genres. Lots of these agents aren't the usual contest participants so prepare to be surprised. And the amazing Mike (the genius behind the contest) is working on coaxing a few more agents into the fold.

To celebrate, we'll also be giving away three Free Passes starting Friday. A Free Pass will allow the winner to skip the screening process, pass Go, and head directly to a spot among the 64 Query Kombat entries. The Free Pass involves sharing a clever or amusing nickname. Just like in the NCAA basketball tournament, all our entries will have "school" nicknames by which they will be identified in the brackets.

(And tweeting those nicknames using the #QueryKombat tag might earn you another surprise.)

So stay tuned for Friday and work on those nicknames.


  1. Oh dear. I'm horrible at nicknames! Doesn't mean I'm not gonna try though....

  2. Do you have any examples of previous nicknames used so we can get an idea what they would look like?

    1. This is our first contest, but I can make some examples up from my own queries. It might help to tie them into favorite sport teams.

      The Fighting Hamsters
      Coughing Princess with Attitude
      Sun burnt Rabbit on Toast

  3. So the idea is they relate to your manuscript?

  4. Yes. A nickname that represents something unique about your story. And I believe Mike specified they be 15 characters or less. They have to fit in the bracket.