Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You Made the Call: Cover Art for Kindar's Cure

I want to thank everyone who came by and left their opinion on the cover art for Kindar's Cure! You guys were awesome! Masako M. is the winner of the autographed copy. Congrats to her! I'll get that out to her as soon as I have the first paperbacks.

(If you are looking for Terri Bruce's cover reveal contest scroll down to the next post or go here.

I wanted the contest to give an idea of which cover looked the best to the most people and the response was huge, but also unexpected.

The vote was so overwhelmingly one-sided that I didn't have to actually count. You guys really made your desire known. The general consensus was for the white cover which was choice number 4. 

Now while I did love how well the white off-set the green of the photo, it didn't exactly shout epic fantasy. The cloud effect is a little on the romance side. And while there is romance in Kindar's Cure, I wanted the cover to fit as much as possible into the right genre. 

So my wonderful publisher came up with a compromise that I hope satisfies all sides. It keeps the white which everyone loved. And on a happy note, the new font and color actually stands out better in a thumbnail size than the original concept. To me it is has all the elements. The perfect model of my main character while looking clean, clear and modern.

So here it is: The Final Cover!!



  1. Love it!! Great choice - so effective!

  2. I vote for this one! By far the best. Love the changes.

    Of course, maybe Kindar should have been hocking up some phlegm...

  3. Oh, it looks great on goodreads! This is so exciting.

  4. Yes. Yes yes yes it's awesome!!!

  5. I LOVE this cover! I stared at it for five minutes. Congrats!!

  6. Oh man I missed this? Well, everyone involved made great choices, this is gorgeous. Must read!