Monday, August 12, 2013

Cover Reveal for KIN SEEKER

I'm so happy to be part of the cover reveal for KIN SEEKER the first release from Naomi Eccles-Smith. This is a book for everyone who still believes in the beauty of unicorns and the bravery of dragons. KIN SEEKER is available now for pre-order!

Book Blurb:

As the last dragon, Laeka’Draeon holds the key to finding his missing kin and restoring the magical barriers of the towers of Klonnoth Aire. The problem is he has no memory of his past, or what happened the fateful day the dragons disappeared and the towers fell silent.

With the surrounding kingdoms in disarray, and strange terrors spreading across the lands, Laeka’Draeon has no choice but to take action. If the barriers of Klonnoth Aire are not restored, the consequences could bring about the return of an ancient and devastating enemy.

Finding aid in the unlikeliest of allies, including a spirited unicorn filly, a colossal forest guardian, and an eerie-eyed phantom, Laeka’Draeon braves unknown and often dangerous realms in search of answers, and quickly finds himself swept up in an adventure far bigger than he could have ever imagined.


Author Bio:
Naomi confesses the best word to describe her is: whimsical. Forget “the girl next door” and think more along the lines of “the girl from the next galaxy over” and you’d be closer to the correct personality categorization. She is an unequivocal day-dreamer, anime enthusiast, partisan of fantastical things, and unshakable devotee to story-telling.

In addition to writing, Naomi sings, draws, reads, plays console games, does the occasional concept art commissions, and works with rescued animals. Her love for absorbing fabulous, unforgettable stories is only out-shined by her love for creating her own.

Currently, she lives with her equally peculiar sister, two wild but wonderful nephews, cheeky little niece, her adorable, fun-loving cats, Kyo and Yuki, and blessedly tolerant housemate on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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  1. I LOVE this cover. So very Cornelia Funke and her Dragon Rider (a book that I loved!).