Saturday, August 10, 2013

WriteOnCon and Are you Being Googled?

In my Query Questions series with agents I ask a question about social media. Do agents check up on a writer's presence on social media and does it matter to them? (Thanks to Darke and the other person who suggested this question.) Well, Chuck Sambuchino asked a similar question of agents and got some interesting answers. It seems agents do Google writers, which of course means you need to be wise in what you do and say online. An active presence can be a very good thing.

In other news that should interest MG, YA, and NA writers, WriteOnCon starts Tuesday, August 13 and runs for two days. Not only are there many activities and contests for writers involving agents and experienced writers, but there is also a fantastic forum where you can mingle with other writers and get help with your query letter, first 250 words, and first five pages. Go check it out and send me a friend request when you get there.


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