Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Pitchwars Mentor Wishlist

Because it got pushed down in the lineup, here's a recap:

This year I am mentoring in the adult category. 

And I'm being very selective in what I'm looking for: fantasy and a very few types of science fiction.

I want adult fantasy and especially adult epic fantasy, though I'll look at all other kinds of fantasy. That's urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, each and every kind of sub-genre of fantasy.

Sorry but:

-I'm not your person if your story includes tons of romance. If the MC bats her eyes and moons over guys/girls a lot, it's not for me.
-I'm not your person if your word count is over 120,000 or under 70,000.
-I'm not your person if you have vampires or werewolves.
-I don't do Twilight.
-I'm not a big fan of ghosts.
-I'm not your person for whiny/bitchy or complaining main characters.
-Elves and dwarfs are not really my area of interest.
-I'm not your person if you believe your manuscript is practically perfect as is. You have to be willing to revise--not huge, rewrite-the-whole-thing revisions, but some.
-If you have graphic sex scenes or kill all your main characters, it's not for me. I quit GoT in the second book.

Clarification: I don't mind if you kill characters in the ms. Just not all the point of view MC in the middle of the book. Killing characters is to be expected in fantasy.

-I do want unique concept. Something that stands out of the crowd.
-A little romance is okay. As long as it isn't the MC's focus.
-I will consider dystopian or post apocalypse, but no other type of science fiction.
-I want magic and big worlds.
-I want characters with secrets they're hiding and lots of backstory that comes out gradually, not in the first chapter.

Some of my favorite authors include: Brandon Sanderson, Kate Elliott, Michael J. Sulllivan, Robert Jordan, Kristen Britain, Jim Butcher, Rachel Aaron and more.

If you have something like the Green Rider series, I want to see it. If you are into WoT (if you know what this means, you're my kind of writer) and The Dresden Series, I want to see it. 

For the whole Pitchwars bio go here

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