Sunday, August 2, 2015

Name That Judge #11

This judge has been named! Check the comments for the answer. A new Name that Judge coming in a few minutes. 

It should be getting easier as more names are crossed off. And this judge subbed to me in last year's PitchWars and is now a mentor.

Ready for another of our little game of Name that Judge? Let's see if this one goes as quickly. There are 34 Query Kombat judges and all are agented or published writers with experience in this business.

Some have agreed to join me and give away a prize to whoever guesses their nickname. You can find their bios at Mike's blog, SC's blog, and my blog. (No, I'm not providing the links. Where's the fun in that? But look in the May archive.) I will provide the list of judge names. Guessed judges are marked off.

Jessica Kapp
Kathleen Allen
Tracy Townsend
Laura Heffernan
Max Wirestone
Kristin B. Wright
Mary Ann Marlowe
Betsy Aldredge
Carrie DuBois
Natasha Raulerson
Sarah Glenn Marsh
Amy Trueblood
Judy Clemens
Wade Albert White
Tatum Flynn
Kim Long
Jamie Howard
Richard Pearson
Melissa Caruso
Wendy Nikel
Christina June
J.C. Davis
Stephanie Scott
Carrie Ann
Kendra Young
Heather Powell-van Fleet
Amanda Heger
Annika Sharma
Rena Olsen
Cale Dietrich
Sharon Chriscoe
Marty Mayberry
Dan Koboldt
Maragaret Fortune

This judge's nickname was Princess Buttercup. And they have provided a few hints:

1. I have a deep and abiding love for the word "y'all." 
2. I have traveled most of the continental US, by CAR. Say the words "road trip" at my house at your own peril.
3. I have an excellent ear for the MG voice because I spend nine months out of the year with, you guessed it, middle graders.

First one to correctly name this judge wins a query or first page critique. Winner's choice! I'll put a time limit of five days on this, but hopefully we won't need to worry about such things.

Other rules. Let's see...

You don't have to have entered or been picked for Query Kombat to play. Anyone may try and Name That Judge. There will be other posts with fresh judges coming up soon. You may enter more than one Name That Judge post. You may only guess once on each post. You must leave a way to reach you--twitter handle or email address.