Friday, November 20, 2015

Giveaway of Dragon Heart

Books! Books! Books!

One of the best things I ever did was sign up to be an advanced reader for Tor. Every once in a while, there's a box on my porch and I get to do a happy dance!

The last box brought me the Wheel of Time Companion! Squeal! Just look at my bookshelf. The entire shelf is nothing but Wheel of Time. I have every single book, including a first edition trade paperback of The Eye of the World from 1990. It's like they knew it's my favorite. 

In an earlier box, I got a copy of Cecelia Holland's Dragon Heart. It's hard to part with a book (total book hoarder) but this copy I'm giving away! 

America's most distinguished historical novelist steps fully into the realm of fantasy and makes it her own.
Where the Cape of the Winds juts into the endless sea, there is Castle Ocean, and therein dwells the royal family that has ruled it from time immemorial. But there is an Empire growing in the east, and its forces have reached the castle. King Reymarro is dead in battle, and by the new treaty, Queen Marioza must marry one of the Emperor’s brothers. She loathes the idea, and has already killed the first brother, but a second arrives, escorted by more soldiers. While Marioza delays, her youngest son, Jeon, goes on a journey in search of his mute twin, Tirza, who needs to be present for the wedding.
As Jeon and Tirza return by sea, their ship is attacked by a shocking and powerful dragon, red as blood and big as the ship. Thrown into the water, Tirza clings to the dragon, and after an underwater journey, finds herself alone with the creature in an inland sea pool. Surprisingly, she is able to talk to the beast, and understand it.
So begins a saga of violence, destruction, and death, of love and monsters, human and otherwise.

 No fancy rafflecopters. Just comment with your favorite epic fantasy series and a twitter handle/email address. I'll pick one winner on October 25th.

And if you like fantasy, don't forget to take a look at my new book Grudging


  1. My jealousy of your Wheel of Time collection knows no bounds. It's been a while. It might be time for a series re-read.

  2. I love the Gardens of the moon series! :)