Thursday, November 19, 2015

Query Critique Auction

I've donated a query critique + 2 revisions to the Friends of Fizzy Auction. The package also includes an ebook copy of Grudging.

The best part about being an author is the writing community and the way they care about and support each other. We jump when another writer is in a difficult situation. From the Go Fund Me campaign.

PTO mama, Humane society helper, rescuer of 7(!) cats with horrific survival sagas, and HILARIOUS novelist, Summer Heacock (aka Fizzygrrl) gives more than she gets, and makes people laugh in the process. Her fierce and funny family is her everything. 

But right now, medical bills and monkey-wrenches are piling up in their world in an epic way, and something's gotta give.  For the gritty and honest details, see Summer's post, here

It is way too much for one little family, even a fierce one.

The topping on their woe, though, is that Summer is in dire need of multiple surgeries over the next few weeks and there can be no delay, despite the awful timing. Her wisdom teeth require immediate removal because they've punctured her sinuses, and the trauma is so bad she'll require bone-grafts to repair the damage. Unfortunatly, oral surgery must be paid for in advance, and their insurance won't cover it.  And that's only the first operation.

This is where we come in. 

If your query needs polishing before Sun versus Snow, jump in with a bid and help a good cause. Click here to go make a bid. 

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