Friday, November 6, 2015

Keeping Track of Contest Friends

So as the years have gone by (three) since I started hosting contests, I've begun to lose track of things. In the beginning, I kept lists on index cards of who I picked for contests. Gradually I used a notebook as a more permanent way to keep track. When someone gets an agent, I can circle their entry and write AGENT in big letters with lots of !!!!

But Max Wirestone asked about book deals for entries that have been featured in a contest. I really had no idea. I mean, I remember some. Yet, other writers might not have let me know past getting an agent. 

So he came up with the idea of a Goodreads list for books that came through a contest where I was a co-host. I made one!

Having your book on a Goodreads list is exciting. But this list is the most joyous list ever! I had a tiny hand in helping to push all these books to the finish line! How awesome is that! 

And best of all, there are eight books already! With several more that aren't on Goodreads yet! Everyone who supported the contests helped with that!

I want to include my other co-hosts with this. A big thanks to Amy, Mike, Sharon, and SC for doing this journey with me. And especially to Mike for getting me started. Please claim a big part of this. 

If your book was in one of my contests (even if I didn't pick you for my team and even if your agent didn't directly result from the contest) please add your book to the FROM CONTEST TO CONTRACT list. This includes all my picture book friends! I've added a few titles, but I'm sure there may be more.

Also, this is a such a great idea, that I decided the mentors and judges who help out in the contests need one, too! So I made another list just for you! Please enter your books in the WRITERS WHO HELP WRITERS list. Then in all my future contest, I can direct people to your books! Isn't that fabulous!

There have been so many mentors and judges that I won't be able to track down your books to put on this list. I'll have to rely on you doing it for me. Please don't be shy. Go at it!

I'll need your help to spread the word. Please poke your friends and former mentors and judges. Let everyone who might have a book know.

What do you think? I hope this grows and grows and becomes a huge deal. Of all the friendships and fun to come from contests, this might just be the very best thing of all! 

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