Saturday, November 28, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Starts Now

Here we go! Your opportunity to follow the trail of clues and become one of my slush readers for Sun versus Snow in January. You'll get to see the behind the scenes action of a big contest, read slush, and be the one to shout out vague, taunting hints on twitter. 

Some of the clues in the scavenger hunt will be quite easy and some are harder. Each leads to another piece of the riddle.

Most clues will lead to a person somehow related to my contests and a part of their social media to see the next clue. In addition to following the clues, you'll need to ask each person (8) on twitter for their "code" word. Follow them so they can DM you the secret code. When you have all eight code words and reach the end of the trail, unscramble the code words to form a sentence. First one to give me the correct sentence will be my slush reader. The two runners up will receive a paperback version of Grudging when it becomes available December 22nd.

In the event that the trail goes cold and everyone is stumped, I will give out hints on twitter.

Note: I don't have a code word. 
Hint: I mentioned most of the people involved on Thanksgiving over on twitter. 

The scavenger hunt will last from Saturday until Tuesday. Many clues won't become available until their appointed day, giving latecomers a chance to catch up. 

Here's the first clue:

My baby is fresh into the world. Head to the place where book lists are kept and find what I have to say about my newborn.

If you're having trouble with a certain clue, you can apply to me for hints.

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