Monday, January 18, 2016

Slush Readers for Sun versus Snow 2016

When it comes time to read the 200 entries for Sun versus Snow, I need some help. These ladies will be going through the entries for Team Snow and giving me a heads up on what stands out. I plan to read everything, but having second opinions will certainly make it easier and faster.

I honor them for giving up their time to help other writers and now you can, too! Give them a follow on twitter and watch for their tweets about entries in February.


As an army brat, books were Carla Rehse's only constant as she moved around the world. Finally settling down in Texas, she not only picked up a southern drawl but also the writing bug. Generally, she write YA speculative fiction, but will read anything with strong characters and interesting world building. You can find Carla on twitter at @CRehse

Favorite writer snack:
Dry cereal, especially Quaker Oatmeal Squares. Occasionally, peanut M&M's manage to sneak into the bowl. 

Cold weather memory:
I live in Central Texas and our winters are a series of hot, then cold days. It's normal to have highs in the 70's one day and highs in the 30's the next. But April isn't a winter month for us. 

In April 2007, my roses were blooming and my spring flowers were planted. My brother and his family decided to visit for Easter weekend. With three young kiddos in the house, things were chaotic and exciting and I didn't pay attention to the weather reports. After all, it's Central Texas in April. Barbeque and shorts weather. That Saturday, it started to snow. And refused to stop. We received a record breaking four inches of snow. Maybe that's not much by Northern standards, but it sure wrecked my carefully developed holiday plans. Now how were gonna hunt Easter eggs in the backyard or take pictures by my neighbor's wisteria? After a few moments of dumbfounded head scratching, we turned lemons into lemonade slushies. Bundled up in my sweatshirts and mismatched gloves, my nieces and nephew had a blast making snow bunnies and staging an epic snowball fight against their dad. And for the record, hunting plastic eggs in the snow is just as much fun as in the grass. 


Susie Fisher grew up in a family where books trumped television, and at a young age had read almost every book in the children’s section at her local library. She is an office manager by day and a YA contemporary writer at night.

When not writing, she’s usually wrapped in a blanket reading everything young adult.

Susie is obsessed with the ocean, an addictive ice tea drinker, One Tree Hill fanatic, and never declines chocolate cake. She lives in Michigan with her University of Michigan, superfan husband and four spoiled rescue cats.

My favorite cold weather memory happened at the age of ten. After waking to four feet of fresh snow, all the kids on my block spent the entire day building barricades in their front yard. My sisters and I used bread pans to make bricks, creating a wall around the entire yard and an igloo for three. Moments before the sun set, a block-wide snowball fight began. That was the best snow day ever.



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