Monday, February 22, 2016

Team Snow 16: SIXTH GRADE SECRET SERVICE, MG Humor, Mystery

Genre: MG, humor, mystery, adventure
Word Count: 49,000

My Main Character would use snow to battle their biggest obstacle: 

Abraham Truman, leader of the team who rescued the sixth grade class president from her captors, would once again call on Arlington Adams, who loyally served as Tech Officer during the mission. As the son of a janitor in Washington D.C., Arlington has access to the Lost and Found, a cache of misplaced spy gadgets his father recovered while cleaning various federal buildings. One such gadget, code-named The Snow-Baller, can produce 100 snowballs per second. Arlington would use these non-lethal, frozen projectiles to neutralize threats to school cabinet or ensure victory during playground snowball fights.


Eleven-year-old Abraham Truman comes from a long line of secret servicemen, but unlike his dad and brother who earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Abe can’t even make it through the Presidential Youth Fitness Program without a trip to the school nurse. No, Abraham feels more like his grandfathers who are blamed for the deaths of President Lincoln and Kennedy.

When Abraham's best friend, the eternally optimistic Tibby Roosevelt, becomes sixth grade class president, she asks him to protect her from class bully and Vice President, Chaz Nixon. When Tibby is accused of taking a bribe and then goes missing, Chaz is set to assume the role if Tibby is unable to return to her position by the end of the week. But even if she is found, Abraham fears the disgrace and ridicule she’ll face after the scandal might force her to change schools.

Now, Abraham must not only find Tibby, but prove her innocence as well. But locating one little girl in a city the size of Washington D.C. is harder than finding an honest politician, and Abe quickly realizes he needs help. Soon, Abe’s redemption and the fate of the sixth grade rests on the shoulders of his team of unlikely heroes: his German shepherd, the janitor's eccentric son and the sixth grade school newspaper correspondent. If they fail, the whole class faces rule under power-hungry Chaz Nixon, and all the wedgies and boot-licking that comes with it.

First 250 words:

Chapter 1
Monday 2:30 PM

My name is Abraham Truman and my problem started over a hundred fifty years ago. During a showing of Our American Cousin at Ford’s Theatre, my great, great, great…great…great…whatever, grandfather, Secret Service Agent Jessup Truman, left Abraham Lincoln’s balcony to go to the concession stand. Three minutes later, Lincoln became the first American president to be assassinated.

My parents don’t talk about Grandpa Jessup much.

Ninety-eight years later in Dealy Plaza, Texas, my great, great, great grandfather, Secret Service Agent Clyde Truman, tripped over his shoe laces and stepped away from Kennedy’s motorcade to tie them. He’d just gotten Mr. Bunny ears out of the hole when the sound of a firing bullet made the name Lee Harvey Oswald infamous.

Clyde’s another relative my parents don’t talk about much.

Then again, neither am I. It’s easy to be overlooked when your dad rescues the president’s wife from the clutches of some rogue nation, or your older brother thwarts a communist takeover of the White House, and you can’t even get across the cafeteria without spilling your food tray.

But, like my best friend, Tibby Roosevelt, always said, “It’s not like there’s much chance for a kid to prove himself in the sixth grade.”

That went double for me, until Tibby decided to run for class president.


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