Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Song Lyric Inspiration and Snow Pictures

Robin braves the cold. Pippin is hiding inside.

We got a snow day today, no school for the kids and no work for me. With the temperature around four degrees and the wind chill where I don't want to think about numbers, we're inside with plenty of free time. Today you get a two-fer, pictures of snow for those who don't get any and something about what helps me write. I was considering inspiration and where mine comes from. For me, it comes from many places, but a big source is music.

My yard gnome has a new hat.
I keep quite a list of music in both CD form and on my mp3 player. My family hates that I play the same music over and over. It drives them nuts. But I need deep emotion to get my thought process flowing. So I tend to repeat the same songs, making additions every few months. All the music I choose has to be intense. The singer has to make me experience an intensity, a drive. The best source for that, for me, has always been Nickelback. Now I know that lots of people don't care for their songs, but it works for me.

I decided to list some lyric examples as the easiest way to talk about it. I'm probably going to want to hide after admitting all this, but here goes:

Against the grain should be a way of life, What's worth the price is worth the fight -- If Today Was Your Last Day  This is just a good song when querying is getting you down.

Nobody want to go it all alone, Nobody wants to be all alone, You can't give up, when you're looking for a diamond in the rough -- Gotta be Somebody Very cheesy, but this is my search for an agent song. Even after years of playing it, this one sticks with me.
My ornamental grass is buried.

Stealing comes with practice, Lying comes with ease, But neither one is faster than falling to your knees -- Kiss It Goodbye This one is more writing orientated. It's for a character that is a dark hero. A liar, a charmer, and a cheat, but a good man at heart. He is in my shelved manuscript. I'll be back for you someday, Jorge.

Can't see the silver lining down here on the floor -- Trying not to love you This one applies to my last mc, Little Bit. You've got to remember to bring your mc to a low point so they can show their stuff.

I'm the villain you're willing to save -- Holding on to Heaven  This one just completely sums up my favorite villain I've ever created. Some villains are over the top, they are the obvious bad guys or girls. From Kindar's Cure, this character was the opposite, the villain that is hidden in the shadows. Despite doing bad acts over and over, beta readers kept forgiving him. They can't seem to help themselves and neither can he.

I'd fight for you, I'd lie for you, Give my life for you-- I'd Come for You  And this last one, is for my character, Garrett. I'd call him my soft spot character. There is something about this guy I really love. He keeps trying to save his girl no matter what. And of course as she is the mc that can't happen. She can't be a Cinderella. She has to save herself.

No butterflies on this bush today.
I'd could go on and on with more lyrics, but I've embarrassed myself enough for one day. It's funny what can come to symbolize your writing.

So now I've shared my most sappy private stuff. Don't let me be the only one. Don't let this confession die an orphan as my husband would say.

Have a song that represents a character you love? Some lyrics that keep you sending out those query letters? Please share them in the comments.


  1. Love this! I definitely have playlists for my novels, though they usually tend to be filled with instrumental movie scores more than songs with lyrics. :P

  2. I, too, have extensive playlists when I write, many songs that I play over and over. Thank god I use headphones, or hubby would leave me. LOL. And I have playlists for my books, too.

    Funny, that song, Gotta Be Somebody, is actually a song that fits both the main romance in His Lady Shadowsword, Kyas and Helena, and the secondary one, Gunram and Kyas's sister, Kayera. Every time I play it, I see scenes from the novel in my head, not unlike a movie trailer. I have a lot of songs like that. LOL. Good to know I'm not alone in my cheesiness. :D

  3. I did a post about this! Musical chart for emotional writing or something. Music is awesome :)

  4. I don't usually write with songs in mind, but I do connect them with my characters after the fact. Fun's Carry On is my go-to song right now for John Ruiz in the depth of his Antarctic night. (Actually pretty much any MC -- or even perhaps a querying writer who loves them.)

  5. First of all - Nickelback fans unite! I own every album and am unashamed.

    My playlist for Going Thru Hell includes good ole Nickelback, Buckcherry, Theory of a Deadman, Train, Seether, Ozzy, The Offspring, Linkin Park, Pink, Joan Jett, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, 3 Doors Down, Coldplay, Staind....

    Linkin Park is especially prevalent when writing about Kylie's loss of emotion, action scenes the nice pounding beats of NB, ToaD & Ozzy, some Taylor Swift when writing about the Beserker.

    I can't write unless I have the earbuds in and the music on.