Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shank Those Rejections

Everyone in this writing game goes through rejection. Almost no one has their future handed to them on a golden platter. When the rejections start to pile up, it can be hard to hold up your head, let alone keep the faith. There are times I feel like shrinking into a tiny ball. But that tiny ball has a core of steel. That's where I go to remember why I write.  

Not for money or publishing contracts.
Not to please other people or to fit into the mainstream.

For me. I write to please myself. I suspect most other writers would say the same. That's not to say we won't take suggestions or make changes to our work. But the reason we write is to satisfy something inside ourselves.

Hang on to that when things are dark. There's a ray of sunshine escaping no matter how dense the clouds. 


  1. I'm getting prepped for the trenches. I'm currently sewing the kevlar rejection suit for that particular battle...

  2. As hard as it is to face the query trenches, as writers we're weaned on grueling, solitary months of frustration, writer's block, dead-end characters and words/sentences/chapters surrendered to the delete key. Anyone who can put five or six figure wordcounts into a manuscript and finally allow themselves to write "The End" has got what it takes to keep going.

  3. I love the writing part, and I think I'll manage the rest once again (when I start querying again). Rejections suck, but not writing sucks more (for me).

  4. Godiva chocolate, check. Tinfoil hat for blocking out the nasty thoughts when rejections are received? Made.

    Yea, this part isn't for the faint of heart, nor is it for those who feel tapped by fate, for they too shall fall by the wayside, but this precarious phase will be survived by those with a real story to tell, because we will endure to see that story BE told!

    We're all in this together. I'm just going to use this time waiting to make my story even better & begin on a new one. Plus helping out c.p.'s keeps the mind busy so you don't have to focus too much on the bad news, just keep everything moving full speed ahead.

    And when I feel there's nothing left to re-tweak, I'm going to move forward on the next story there is to tell.