Monday, October 20, 2014

NoQS Michelle's Minions

It's always tough to limit yourself. It's going to come down to subjective opinion. Often, the entries I picked struck a cord with me. 

So many entries were fantastic, yet not quite right for me. Some might have been darker than I prefer. Some might have been too serious. I'm sad I can only take thirteen.

That is why contests are more for meeting people and learning about writing than just getting before agents.

Hugs to all of you, and I hope no one goes away too disappointed. Everyone is a winner for putting your work out there and facing down the fear of rejection. The greatest fear is not trying. 

You're all honorary Michelle's Minions!

Be sure to check Mike's blog and SC's blog for their picks. 

So it's time to celebrate my official minions! Dance. Congratulate. Be happy for others, knowing they also support you.

In no particular order:

Crossing Brielle
The White Lehua
Life After Redby
Popcorn Brain
I'm Not a Zombie But I Play One on TV
Princess Not So Charming
Dead Indeed
The Girlfriend Request
Wired for Wall Street
The Troll Diaries
The Girl Who Was Ordinary, Until She Wasn't
Poison Apples

New minions, keep an eye on your inbox. Mentors will be contacting you through the email you used to enter the contest. If that's not your actual email because a friend mailed yours in, you'd better let me know. Each entry will get one mentor assigned to them.

Please return your revised entry using the same format to the contest email by midnight on October 25th.  We need that time to swat down unruly formatting and create the posts before the agent round. Please do not be late. We will go live without you.

Come back on October 28th to see the agents Shriek, Scream and Shiver! 


  1. Congrats to your Minions! Those titles are tantalizing!

  2. Thank you so much, Michelle, for all the work you put into this! Good luck, everyone! On to a whole new level of anxiety. :)