Sunday, October 12, 2014

Team Mutant Charm Entry 1: INCONCEIVABLE, Women's Fiction

Genre: Women's Fiction


Word count: 78,000

Hero: Hatty Brunelle relates to Clark Kent/Superman. She’s a journalist who wants to help people adversely impacted by public policies. Through the words she writes, she can take down the bad guys (corrupt politicians) and uphold truth.

Pitch: When Ozarks native Hatty marries Prince John, they make headlines for an unusual sex scandal: infertility. Tabloids dub her “Barren-ess;” royal in-laws demand divorce. The couple faces medical procedures or abandoning John’s future as king.


On your mark. My teeth pressed together, biting down hard on my determination to win, as I bent my knees into a crouch. Because I reeked of rookie, my mind seized on what I learned in training about minimizing feet movement and keeping my hands steady. I prepped for a photo finish; the winner would be the journalist whose image of Prince John Meinrad got the most shares on social media. Smiling photos were good. Awkward snapshots were better. Much better. Catch him wiping his nose or making a weird face to snag the grand prize: a fat check from Europe’s biggest gossip rag, Xpress. The tabloid forked over thousands of euros for the best worst photos of the royals. Faux pas means full pay, baby.

As I sized up the competitors along the press line, I recognized a couple of Xpress photographers near the back door of the childcare center. They were the pros, but I arrived early and grabbed the primo spot. My position put me close enough to touch the rear bumper of the purring black limo that waited for Toulene’s favorite royal. The early nerd gets to earn.

I held up my smartphone with its camera ready to go the moment the prince exited the building.

Get set. Thunder ripped into the quiet anticipation that had settled over the horde of reporters and photographers, but I held steady.



    --Jessica Sinsheimer, who was not clever enough to come up with a code name.

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