Sunday, October 12, 2014

Team Mutant Charm Entry 3: BONESAW, Adult Sci-fi/Horror

Genre: Adult/Sci-Fi Horror

Title: Bonesaw

Word Count: 90,000

Hero: Deadpool. My main character is sarcastic and funny, violent and self-serving, but he manages to do the right thing in spite of himself.

Pitch: Frankie’s having a tough week. He’s kidnapped, sold into slavery, and uncovers a plot to destroy humanity. If he stops it, they kill him. If he doesn’t, he dies. Like he gives a shit.


I was cruising around the Bottom when some kid ran up and handed me a note from O’Neill. Little rat faced bugger (the kid, not O’Neill), face all schmutzed up with soot or dirt or oil.  Anyway, I took it from him and he just stood there. Looking at me.

“What?” I said, and he held out his hand. “You gotta be kidding me.”

“O’Neill said you’d gimmie some money, so pay up.”

“Pay up or what?”

He took a second to think. Scrunched up his face, eyes searching the sky. Then he fixed me with a stare to kill a cat and said, “Pay up or I’ll cut your balls off.”

Jesus Christ. 

I might have done something, but he was just a kid, and a ballsy kid, too. So I leaned over and put my hands on my knees.

“Look, kid. I like you, which is why I ain’t gonna do nothing. This time. But you ever say something like that to me again—”

“Aw, screw you.” 

He pulled his leg back as far as he could and kicked me in the . . . I could tell he was aiming for my balls, but I turned away and he nailed me in the shin instead. 

“Sonofabitch!” I yelled, bouncing.

He scampered away before I could do anything, dodging between the legs of all the other poor suckers wandering around the streets. I watched him until he disappeared, rubbing my leg and shaking my head. Kids these days.

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