Saturday, December 13, 2014

Writing Pet Peeve

A short and sweet editing suggestion today. Besides filtering in writing (see my rant against filtering here) the next thing that drives me nuts is mistakes with the word "couple." 

I see a couple presents under the tree.

Problem. Grammatically, that sentence is missing a word.

I see a couple of presents under the tree.

There are a couple of hot cookies on the counter.

I have a couple of stops yet to make.

Unless you are talking about two people with a fondness for each other, you need the word "of" with "couple." Maybe it's old fashioned, but for me, leaving off the "of" is incorrect, though I see it done often.

So what are your writing pet peeves? What brings out the rant in you?  


  1. Oh gosh I have so many, it was hard to decide. Here are my top ones.
    Not knowing the difference between There, They’re & Their
    Weather, Whether & Wether
    And here is one that really annoys me. Irrespective is a word. Regardless is a word, but many people use Irregardless.

    Now, technically it’s a word (although in British English it's considered incorrect) but people don’t realise what they are saying is REGARD. By having the “IR” at the beginning and the “LESS” at the end, they are using two negatives, and therefore are not saying REGARDLESS but REGARD.

    Damn! It felt good to get that out of my system.

  2. People not knowing the difference between "it's" and "its." Also, when people think they can join two sentences by putting a comma in the middle. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK, PEOPLE.

  3. Several bug me (not that I'm perfect! ;) Then vs. than. And whenever I see typos in published books...especially best sellers. Ug! Great tip, Michelle!

  4. The to/too/two dilemma. I've also started seeing people leaving the d off of things like stressed, blessed, etc.