Friday, March 11, 2016

Speakers Badge

I'll be picking up my first speakers badge on Saturday, March 19th at C2E2. That's in Chicago in case you are as ignorant about cons as I am. I'm on a panel that seems right up my alley called Fight the Power at 12:30 Central time. Here's the description:

Frodo and the Fellowship fought Sauron and his evil horde; a rag-tag group of rebels take down the Empire in a galaxy far, far away. Sci-fi/ Fantasy is full of stories about revolution, a few taking on many, an unlikely hero surmounting incredible odds to achieve victory. A panel of SFF authors will discuss their favorite stories of SFF revolution, and what they like so much about writing books where their characters take on the man and fight the power, no matter what the odds of success are!

Pretty good panel for a girl who wrote a book about a city under siege from a crazy huge army and who loves to read epic fantasy. I think Grudging fits right into that topic. There will be a book signing afterwards and I hope to see some friendly faces!

So help me out. This is my first con. WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW? What should I make sure to do or see? What should I take for the book signing?  Leave me informative comments about your experience at cons. I'm a trifle nervous about it all.

And also if you're a fan of SFF, how would you answer this topic? What are your favorite books where the characters fight the power? Why do bigger odds and larger consequences make the story more exciting for you?

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  1. I'll be seeing you at C2E2! Can't wait! Since I've been there for going-on three years, you only need to remember a few things:
    - wear comfy shoes
    - if you want to take a picture of someone in cosplay, it's always polite to ask first
    - bring a packed lunch (on second thought, you're probably getting food provided to you) - either way, food is expensive as HELL, so pack accordingly

    It's really nothing to worry about. You'll have a blast! ^_^

    To answer your question, bigger odds and larger consequences actually makes me feel more distant to the story. I like personal stakes, personal consequences. It makes me feel like I can connect on a deeper, more intimate level. Favorite book where characters fight the power though? Harry Potter, always.