Sunday, September 15, 2013

Best Box of Books Ever!

The long awaited box of books arrived from my publisher yesterday! I wasn't really expecting it so it came as a pleasant surprise. Sort of an early birthday present.

Many of them are already promised to winners of other contests, friends, and libraries, but I hope to have some giveaways soon. 

Who doesn't love a giveaway! Any ideas?

I also did an interview for Amy Trueblood about publishing choices. There are so many roads to take in publishing these days, and no reason that a writer can't take more than one of them. I tried to explain why I decided to go with a small press over at Chasing the Crazies.


  1. What a great picture!! Happy day for sure :)

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  3. Congratulations. I love the cover!
    (sorry for the delete, but I hate typos)

  4. What a great present! So happy so many things are going well for you. I'm just totally impressed with the energy you have toward supporting writers and your marketing.