Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Frog is Named!

I want to thank everyone who provided a name for the frog! I certainly had fun with this contest, and I hope everyone else did also. There were some humdingers of names suggested and they ranged from the silly to the sublime.

And he shall be ...

The winner of the automatic entry into Nightmare on Query Street as judged by my daughter is:

Kathleen with Jean-Bob!

Obviously this goes to prove that my daughter is pretty sentimental about her younger days. The Swan Princess was one of her favorites and she still remembers the name of the turtle and puffin too.

Kathleen, I'll be in touch through twitter.

Now for the kicker! I had so much fun that I picked two runner up winners! Or I should say I picked one and my son (the boy who shall not be named or pulled away from his video games) actual chimed in to pick another. That goes to prove the power of frogs. Even teens are brought to take interest!

The two runner's up who will also have their entries accepted into Nightmare on Query Street are:

Rena with The Honorable Sir Patrick Sticky-toes, Esquire

Martha with Crocus

I did mention more than one frog lives on our deck, right? We've seen up to three, which happens to work perfectly.

Winners, I'll be in touch. And everyone else, please be sure to enter Nightmare on Query Street on October 13th. Jean-Bob, Sticky-toes, Crocus and I can't wait to see you there.


  1. I'd love to accept you all as winners, but my co-hosts would chase me with sticks.

  2. Yay, Jean-bob! :D The Swan Princess is still one of my sister's and my favorite fairytale movies!

  3. Awesome! I'm pretty excited about Nightmare on Query Street.