Monday, September 16, 2013

Queries That Did Their Job

When you're in the query trenches you can learn a lot from a query that did its job and enticed an agent. Query Shark is a great place to find some queries that got the thumbs up from Janet Reid. But Carl Hackman had the idea to post actual successful queries along with comments from the author about the struggle of writing their query. 

And here's the best part! Carl also included quotes from the agents that decided to offer representation due to these outstanding queries. So not only do you find out how much trouble the author had with their query, but what actual details in that query attracted an agent enough to offer.

And--a little boasting here--my query for Pygmy Hazards is his first victim. Go here to read about my struggle to write a query letter, and what Sarah Negovetich thought about it.


  1. Thanks for the link Michelle :)

    A bit of boasting is perfectly fine, you deserve to blow your own trumpet with such an excellent query!

  2. Michelle,

    What a neat idea Carl has implemented, and I loved reading about your success, both from your perspective and your agent's. Sounds like a very entertaining story!